How much gold do you make per day

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  1. Since I'm curious,

    How much gold do you make on an average day
  2. 69-690Billion
  3. 5.5-6 trillion
  4. 40-50Bill on average, depends how much I ally trade and hit EBs.
  5. Next to none. I forum the whole day.
  6. Lol bob.
    I usually make between 100b-250b. I think.
    I'm not into ally trading tho.
  7. Like 200bil not much.
  8. If I'm hitting HTE consistently, 50-150b
  9. I used to make 100-200b when I was doing b2b ts, aff and the occasional Hte but now I make 10b a day! :)
  10. 750billion
  11. When I had good allies I made 1T a day of ally sales. Now I make 100-200b depending on the day.

    HtE clan I made about 300-500b depending on activity
    I stayed at top clans for events so did LotL, AFF and smaller bone dragon Ebs. Probably most I made in a day was 250b.
    Now I'm just hanging around hitting Ebs and players when I want. I'd say I make about 150b a day on a good day lol.
  12. Lol I remember u..u ..our pm shows my noob days lol

    Anyway not really sure how much I make prob around 40b ish but depends on eb though
  13. All things considered, maybe 100b a day.
  14. between 170 and 250b
  15. No disprespect man, but that's bad considering you're in a Hte clan.
  16. Most I made in one day was during hte promo when they removed the daily ️XTAL limit.
    I made 11Trill
  17. Like 15b-30b can't really be arsed to be on all the time to constantly hit ebs.
  18. It's because you're in a bad clan bud. ;)
  19. That's it ?
  20. That's more than I've ever made