How much are you making in Bonus Escape or Rowtb for first h

Discussion in 'Strategy' started by Midget-Lover____, Jun 25, 2014.

  1. 200m for a spy that's awesome
  2. 214m first hit. 5b per unload
  3. 95mil first hit

    I'm a noob
  4. 313.6m first hit
  5. 15m with HTE promo
  6. I heard Strawb3rry makes 687M first hit on HTE.
  7. 270m and 100 something
  8. 275 first hit in hte..and strawb3rry makes more than that
  9. Meh 120 Mil
  10. A farming clan can look at this and have dollar signs on their eyes  you nubbies
  11. Having 1t out or 1b out doesnt mean someone makes more off you, just means you lose more you nooby
  12. Exactly that's what I mean your royal nubness
  13. Yesssir my court jester nub :roll:

    just making sure you knew, lots of people dont 
  14. 215 mill with EE lvl 2
  15. 185mil first hit