How messy is your kingdom?

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  1. Ohh and just saying, you may not care but towers on ll really kill your plunder. Easy to move if you don't plan on keeping em long but if permanant Id move em. Just my humble opinion. Take it for what it cost YA 
  2. Lmao at this. I'll be using this at work for sure......and as to OCD. I have it severely but to be truthful, it doesn't carry over into this game like that since I don't see my kingdom often. My issue is a clean wall and chats that drive me insane. So maybe I am not a full kawhawlic
  3. No need to post a picture of mine... All are lvl 3 SOS, my castle, and a stable/empty land.
  4. eww mine is just so messy look at it!

  5. ^ no need to post mine now.
  6. Should've make the idiot section much, MUCH larger
  7. Its more an exaggeration
  8. What am I ashes?
  9. A rare contraceptive 
  10. Since our builds are almost the same that is the exact same as my kingdom
  11. Mine is perfect
  12. My build is perfectly symmetrically laid out in layers based on tiers and attack and spy buildings rotating outward from my castle.

    I learned from experience.
  13. Thank you for this.
    When I was 8-10 I had OCD.
    It ruined my ******* life. I counted everything multiple times, touched everything multiple times, and and washed my hands multiple times.
    And that was only for 5 minutes. Then the next five minutes I repeated the whole process.
    The only solace I could find was in VideoGames where I could act normal without my OCD. This led me to become semi-addicted, which screwed up my life until 7/8 grade, when I just said **** it.
    Now I have an Xbox One and play with friends when I want, but in no way am I addicted. OCD screwed up my life and was incredibly tough to go through, but I survived through it, and when my brain tells me to do something irrational, I ignore it.
    When people say "Oh I have OCD" I want to just punch them in the face. They don't know ****.

  14. "Touched everything multiple times"

    Uh huh.. That's not OCD.. That's hormones
  15. Oh don't worry. When I touched things I wasn't "supposed to" I just looked them in the eye and shrugged, fondling it/them even more. Hey, it was my OCD, you can't blame me bruh.

    Just go all Alpha and **** when you have an excuse, you know?
  16. Lmao h no
  18. Wut!!?
  19. This is what I do and how everything has to be perfect. The touching everything multiple times, I thought that was just me... Like if I open the fridge I have to do it five times and same with everything because my favorite number is five.
  20. Mine are entirely Summoning Circles lvl 3