How messy is your kingdom?

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  1. I color code my lands :lol:
  2. OCD Hoarder
  3. I have extreme perfectionism and ocd I've spent round 500bill reorganizing cuz of it and I've learned to plan a design on each series of lands before I start lol
  4. Didn't know I'm worth 3% of KaW players. cool ;)
  5. Btw.. I am so glad that no OCD person has pointed out that the numbers don't add up to 100..

    So y'all are cool so far
  6. There are three kinds of people in this world..

    Those who can add and those who can't
  7. Technically it doesn't state a percent so it doesn't have to total to 100
  8. I see it, that one titans lair really compliments it
  9. Damn Troll.. U mensa freak!

    Bio.. Stop staring at my boobs
  10. So who are the other two people?
  11. To answer the title
  12. My kingdom is messy because I have villagers wandering around littering everywhere
  13. We need a new catagory ashes. Artists 
  14. Dang
  15. 24 coe 1 castle lol
  16. Wandering villagers must be legendary, a single villager can take out an entire spy attack.
  17. I'm a man of variety. It is the spice of life 
    Ppl laugh when they see Attack heavy with balanced with defense heavy
    It's a game good God. I wanted a lil bit of it all