How many of you actually play this game?

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  1. It's been a while since I've opened this app; I can't remember the last time KaW was on my mind. Like many others I'm sure when people are bored they reinstall this game and check in just to see what's up. I know I'm not one of the older players, but honestly it's felt like an eternity since I've last been on here, posting again.

    That being said, I'm actually curious how many of you have been here for a while and stopped the grind of the game mechanics and are only present occasionally when you're bored to see if this game has changed within the past months/years. I feel as though the app/computer client has come such a long way and a majority of the playerbase seems to be of older players who stuck around. We all have our own lives and people continuously come and go in regards to their activity on this game. Thoughts?
  2. I played about 2010-2014/5, and came back almost two years ago to relearn the game. I've been active since I came back. Game is definitely different, but the people are still generally a good draw to the game for me.
  3. Do you stay for the gameplay or is the main incentive for you to remain active the people here? I feel as though this is one of those games where it leans more on the community side of things rather than raw gameplay experience.
  4. The community has ALWAYS been the main draw of the game. Unless you're really into tracking and precision mechs for osw and whatnot. KaW didn't even used to have the instant-gratification events and free chests, so actually gameplay is more compelling now than it used to be. But community still is the major draw IMO.
  5. I don’t play at all.
  6. Came back after playing for 5 years and taking a year break. Must admit that I'm enjoying playing again.

    Will have to see if I stick around this time.
  7. I’d guess there are 5-7k unique active players playing these days
  8. I played from 2012-2014 then didn’t really come back until this year. However, I’ve had a great time since back and it’s been very good.
  9. You dont spend enough so what you say dosnt matter.
  10. I’ve been here nonstop from 2009, and, more specifically, in the same clan since then. Old friends stepping back in to visit is quite common. Within the past few months, easily 10-15 of my in game acquaintances have come back to check in. Half of those have stayed and are playing fairly regularly now. As others have been saying, the community the best draw. Especially when you can come back and run into players that you haven’t spoken to in 7 years or so; it makes coming back far more inviting.
  11. downloaded the wrong app and wound up here. any help?
  12. Been playing since 2011 and stopped in 2016. Download the app again a few days ago and holy CRAP it's changed.

    I come from a time when epic battles didn't even exist. But I agree with what everyone is saying. I stay typically for the community, however the instant gratification and the quick and easy growth is a nice incentive to stick around as well.
  13. More like 1k. Tops.
  14. Returning is just a waste of time and money.
  15. Started playing end of 2011 stopped 2016 due RL priorities. Just came back couple weeks ago few things changed but eh I kind of like it. Wished they revamp ee wars but other than that meh
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