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  1. Boss (Adonis) ....he's actually right (and you know it) the cheating is ultimately the cause of most of the problems KAW has now. Not saying you did (but come on boss ...we know you did) Apoc is scumbags Adonis you'ld have a lot more credibility if you're weren't one of them
  2. Spend money boss then they'll answer you dead so they have no use pandering to you guys anymore 

    You guys trained them to be like that
  3. Rogue and Herp. Plse leave my forum post. Thx.

    Devs sad part is I care too much. Hence why this thread ain’t going anywhere.

    Still waiting. Like we are still waiting for the event before last top 50 equip. And the avility to transmute that event equip. It’s been what? 3 weeks? Yet another example of yr total lack of care...

    Devs...what say you?
  4. They say each game has dedicated teams. Either KaW team is lazy and stealing money from the company by not working or they lied like usual. They have banned my accounts in the passed for no reason and to re enable them after they took away my Allies pots. They gave us a timeline to fix ee wars and we saw nothing. They promised to be involved with the community and that lasted a month. I support your thread.
  5. Kingdoms at war hit #1 highest gross in Apple back in 2013-14 ish. They didn’t keep it to long but that’s a hell of an accomplishment of its own. I do not know how much that means but clearly kingdoms at war has dropped a lot. And I don’t see where kingdoms at war is rated now. But comparing now to their peak is foolish.
  6. It’s pathetic that the devs have still not shown up on this thread..
  7. Adonis I agree with you on the part that devs ignore the community and see more and more leaving due to it. I disagree with you on the fact that they aren't making as much, because of boxes they are making more money than before. This game has been going into the wrong direction and will continue because of ata greed they will do whatever to squeeze as much money as possible from people. 2012-2014 devs kinda payed attention they did war tests they patched GH which was a cheap and incredibly strong build that could over power some leaderboard members. They also had a time during an event to get seal and an xtal for giving correct answers on a kaw related question. Hell mod's and paladin's get ignored and tossed aside.
  8. Did franky quit cause he waited til the very last war before his ee5 ran out and got no Match?
    If that’s true he’s just a cry baby fairy and shouldn’t be treated differently
  9. The game has done so bad that you have to spell out “kingdoms at war” and it’s still not at the top of the search list. If you leave any part of the name out you won’t find it
  10. Yes legion we know they liars thanks for confirming that

    Top "200" ...they used to be the top app with in game purchase ie: number 1"

    There's a big difference between coming in 180th or 199th, whatever ...compared to number "1"
    If you really honestly think a number one grossing app only makes 150-200k a month you are truly stupid.
  11. They have 50-100 employees (ATA) lets say there's 75 staff total

    ...150k a month???? You couldn't even pay each employee an average of 2,000 a month lol

    You're telling me they all work for min wage? 
  12. I love this game and am more than willing to help, as a software engineer I'd be happy to lend my skills and time if the developers want some assistance.
  13. Sooo you got Rogue forum banned for being on topic about why people are leaving KaW? the topic is about why people are leaving! Rogue made a valid statement, the majority of people leaving because they don't want to deal with the crap Apoc is inflicting on OUR game after all, why play if you can't win? mods biased much for showing belligerent favor for a group we all know are using unfair methods? Devs biased much knowing what the mods are up to? We all know Apoc as a whole spend major coin on this game all just to "rule" KaW! Hah, your arrogance deceives you because in the end the game Will be shut down and then where are all your hard earned dollars so all of you supporting Apoc in any way know this, when the game we love is put down like a dog no longer wanted and you go sit in the corner crying, no one care, you did it to yourselves!
  14. Amen to that brother ....but it's even worse than that Apoc mods bot devs, mods, support all know this



    (Now that's dramatic)
  15. Lowland wars and trading were good updates chill out guys
  16. ^^ This
  17. Guys be patience, game will improve soon. ATA are working on new features and new war systems that will be out soon. With new lands the war mechanics and cs gap is so wide. War will be switching to 4 lands soon I hope . Don't give up enjoy the game and works on your charms and furnitures. LB players come and go. They are not the lost patience players hence they in lb real fast. Only lb player that last is Silph. He play for fun not to complain. This game is great and still a lot of fun after 8 years. Players comes and go but most will comeback sooner or later when they find other game sucks more than KAW
  18. Well said.