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  1. Know what, the devs really don’t give a single crap at all already. This is the worst point of the game I ever seen, they are just putting all their efforts into heckfire and soon when this game dies they hope everyone will go over there.
    The devs won’t even do anything to save this dying game. You want a reply from them this thread isn’t powerful enough. Do a boycott, make the entire KaW community or what left of it to work together on this. Whatever it is you have my full support.

    I’m bloody sick of the devs. They are just milking us out and eventually they will close the game down and they won’t lose anything. The people losing out is us. Before feeling regretful of all the money we spend on this kind of devs. Gather support and end their bloody nonsense once and for all.
  2. They claim they have a separate team for heckfire. I bet that team is just the KaW team focusing their efforts there and leaving KaW to die. I don’t think their pathetic apes company will survive if KaW is gone. They might as well close their company along with KaW.
  3. I had posted a complaint about indi war in the feedback a week ago, and hadn't got a reply from devs and the conversation was closed without a reply. Then I sent a feedback again when the same issue occurred to me. This time it was notified to the devs by 3 different mods. I haven't received a reply since 3 days now, even though the mods are following up on the devs. There are tons of alts in this game, and the player base has been declining rapidly. Looks like the devs don't really give a **** about this game anymore. They will milk us and close the game in a few months.

  4. Everybody start a thread on every ATA game about them abandoning KAW lol if they don't catch the hint then, then at least we warn players of other ATA games what they can expect lol
  5. To be clear I don’t think a boy or is needed I stopped spending on KaW after Black Friday. Not a penny since then and I’m going to assume that I’m not alone. So we are already hurting them as anyone who is spending on KaW is either very very rich or a fool. Sorry but spending on heckfire I understand it’s a new game looks to b picking up pace meh who knows but spending on this game??? For what? Kaw is simple not satisfying anymore.

  6. Sigh. :lol:

    ATA never made 4mill USD a month off KaW pre HTE. Stop pulling random figures from your arse.
    The "article" you speak of only made figurative assumptions on how much ATA earned as a company. That at the time, included 4 games, 2 chat apps, stocks and other ATA mini products.

    Stop spewing random drivel to suit your narrative. You'll get called out eventually.

    Take a look at any website that aggregates app spending data. KaW makes 100-150K a month thanks to NK. Which puts it in the top 100-150 grossing most of the time. Not bad for a game that's nearly a decade old. (You can check spending data since the app creation there too)

    How many 8 year old games do you know making the same money, if not more?

    At the current rate of progression, KaW has atleast two years left. I'd say ATA still has plans for KaW because they bothered moving kaw to a newer development platform which caused most of the bugs we still have, but they didn't have to do that if they were planning to shut the game down. A newer platform let's them code newer visual features, like the new chat/wall UIs we have seen. New updates. More visual/UI/UX and game feature possibilities.

    Those of you saying KaW is dead. Take a look at SMASH Monsters. That game has 1000 actives left. You hit once in the event there and you'll place top 800-1000, quite dead ish. Forums get a post every few days. Yet the game soldiers on

    Meego? ATA announced they were stopping game updates, players quit to a point where there was one post every two weeks lol. 100 actives. Yet ATA kept the game on for a year + after the announcement.
    Both games receive(d) no update whatsoever to their client.

    Judging by those patterns and previous games, KaW is far from dead and an immediate shut down lol. It's still a cash cow for ATA and they intend to keep it around.
    Is ATA really inept as a company at customer representation and talking to the community? Yes. We all know that, but this doomsday talk is stupid. Been seeing it since 2011 lol, yet the game soldiers on. It'll end one day, but reckon we got a few more years before it does. And when it does, you won't be see me complaining. I don't know many apps that have survived nearly a decade whilst staying in the top 100-200 grossing.

    @Icey, KaW is simple and not satisfying? Sadly that's how these products are. It has kept you/us entertained for years, which is more than it's intended shelf life. Again, which is not bad for a small indie game developer. The trading feature seems to have invigorated the player base as much as the advent of epic battles did. We all thought that ATA would never allow trading due to some of the obvious exploits, yet they did it.

    Also, contrary to what everyone says, Heckfire didn't do as well as expected on its launch. It failed to pick up steam or garner much interest and fizzled out.

    Heckfire'a first week figures are worse than Meego/SMASH Monsters on their respective launches. I won't go into the issues Heckfire has, but ATA has divided the base into tiny servers, like 25 at the moment.. Which makes it unplayable because too many realms and too little of a player base = people quitting and also the defence mechs suck there and a single LB player can wipe out months of progress in a few minutes lol. Heckfire has so many issues it's hobbled and doomed at the start itself. ATA allowed unrestricted spending in the beta, along with beta discounts and offers.
    Let that sink in. Which means we had whales drop 45K on the game and are untouchable now. They make the game unplayable for everyone else because of the severe power disparity amongst the LBs. KaW's issues are like a walk in the park compared to Heckfire lol.

    Heckfire is so fundamentaly screwed due to ATA greed, the game has a very strong paywall that hits you fast. You want legendary dragons? You gotta pay for it. Everything there requires micro transactions to just stay afloat.

    Yet like most ATA games, Heckfire will gather a core bunch of 10-20K actives that love the game and will stick around for a long time.
  7. If you play koh are you not part of the problem? That app sucks and promotes them ignoring this dumpster fire of an app
  8. So who is this top 10 that quit
  9. I find it funny you tell the guy to stop spewing drivel, I skimmed over every post on this thread and not one person said kaw is dead which makes half your story pointless. Plus he didn't say just from kaw even if he did pull a number out of his ass I don't know if the did or not I'm just saying.
  10. I think he’s talking about franky
  11. Riiiiiight...I’m sure you of all ppl have stopped spending lol
  12. I have, after the clear and gross misconduct that the moderators commit and the lack of discipline by the developers I stopped spending money, I havent spent a dime on this game since marchish
  13. Play fifa play gta play mobile legends play any game on this planet but u will somehow end up missing this this game is too addictive. I don't like to call it a game man it just sucks there is no gameplay if this had no pm no wc no bond between friends just another app on the phone this app wouldn't exist anymore. For some people it's just more than an app it sucks the devs don't care about a game where I think the community would do anything to save it. Maybe this isn't ur priority or u don't give a f about the game anymore but devs you need to understand -.- and atleast make an effort a lil bit off effort to keep it alive for people who spend hours and hours on this. Warring community even tho regardless of all the lapses in the system we keep warring back to back we aren't asking for something we don't deserve. We deserve something from u not just copy paste events we need some actual gameplay zzzz. It was a great game I don't think u can find another app like this ever just sad that the people who made this app can't understand the value of it lol. Great friendships great memories. We know it's a fact u don't care anymore but atleast be open about it so we don't build up hope so that atleast we can just give up on this bs and move on. Just come out and say we don't care about the game it's no on priorities we need to know where u headed. This is stupid.
  14. You may have stopped but they will keep milking $ from b2b events and those chasing eb top 10/50/100 and those doing premium ebs
  15. I’m not sure the Devs can save this game for the long term. New players that will ever matter aren’t coming in the grind is to hard to far away and out of reach. Remember when it took 3 months to bc? And in a matter of a week I could be relevant? Matter of a week when I started u could get 200k cs of max 900k now how long does it take to get even 5% of max stats b4 higher ups stop treating u like scrap?
  16. Just a load of unfamiliar names now tbh
    inb4; "hahaha shut up you're an unfamiliar name noob!!! Kys"
  17. @Grizzy. Don't be daft. I very well know what he is saying.

    Also, I didn't say everyone on this thread said KaW is dead. I merely stated that players have been saying so since time immemorial. Hence my reference to SMASH Monsters and Meego. Two of ATA's latest games, one already shut down and one that'll be shut down soon.

    I reason I did that comparison between them and KaW is to show that activity wise, update wise KaW has a long way to go before the plug is pulled. We're still receiving new updates, new UI changes, new game plays features. Sure it's not things we ask for, but it shows a developer that doesn't plan to end KaW anytime soon. Because if they did, like Meego and Smash, they'd stop updating the app and the player base would dwindle to lesser than 500.

    I believe I've explained it enough in my previous "story".
  18. Fact: this is a game.. which means there should be some sort of ongoing competition

    And we don't even have that
  19. Good luck without a New player base