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  1. Bart that's not a glitch. It's been like that always when you keep your device log on to KAW and comeback EB is over and new EB is on. That's not a glitch. You have to log off or push home and go to clan page. That issue only on droid and PC. Your issue not a glitch. Please guys start knowing what you are talking about. It's free apps why you guys even complain on simple issue. Log off once in a while don't keep KAW on all the time. That's why devs ignoring most of you with complain that is not even an issue.
  2. Game used to load in about 10 seconds since I updated about 3 weeks ago it now takes sometimes up to 5 minutes to open not a glitch you say? Plus the EB thing just because its been around for a few years doesn't mean its not a bug just mean it hasn't been fixed like a few other things that have been around for years.
  3. I have multiple Apple devices 2 iPhone X and 3 iPad pros... usually takes me 2-3 attempts on any device and up to 5 minutes to login.

    ...iOS up to date cleared browser log out and back into KAW once a month. Still have same problems

  4. I see you lurking ATA Bruce ...why don't you say hello or something?

    Well anyways hope you and other devs are having a good New Years :p
  5.  looks like I scared him off lol 
  6. Yeah the loading time is ridiculous my screen always locks before this game loads and i have to unlock my screen and go back through the process its annoying

  7. I'll wait 1-2 min and it kicks me back to home screen ...usually 2-3 attempts of this and it finally logs in.

    Takes up to 5 min about half the time
  8. Havent been actively reading this forum.. and Im certain its been said before but as long as devs keep implementing “copy paste” updates from PiMD (trading, furniture etc) while ignoring and even in some cases deliberately diminishing other features (namely EE wars/leaderboard rewards) I think more will quit.

    Im not saying updating/adding on to wars would completely solve player retention problem this game has, but it’d be a good start. Its almost as if, at this point, KaW is nothing but a financial liability to ATA. They are bringing in enough $$ from there other games they no longer need this game. At this point I think from the devs point of view, bringing in/retaining more players to KaW just means their being forced to spend resources on KaW servers where they’d rather spend it on there more fresh and profitable games.
  9. Maybe going to Apple will actually be the only way to get anything out of the devs. This thread has been one of the most popular and commented on threads in a while and has been out looking for a response from devs for a decent amount of time. It’s past ridiculous now.
  10. I had a ticket back from devs saying they have no plans of closing game down and will continue to suport it.
    To believe or not is the question....
  11. I mean why would they say they were going to close it when people spend hundreds per day trying to get into the lb’s when they mean nothing. I’m in the top 1500 on the ally lb and the top 8500 on the value lb and still didnt crack the top 10k overall (that in itself is a disgusting disgrace but anyways) and i’m still wondering so do i need to farm noobs to get my battle lists up lb up when it literally means nothing these days. Again back to the devs not addressing actual things like the leaderboard yet people keep spending hundreds plus per week on this game, #getthatshinynonimportantequipment
  12. You know what I love about these threads? You're all sitting crying that the Devs ignore you and how that's making you a little bit sad but then you're happily buying seals and spamming battle cries.....
  13. When you have under 100k battle wins and complain about not being 10k overall <<<

  14. lol I'm not sad, if I try to inject a little humor I get accused of trolling & I havnt bought a seal in a really really long time :)

    They are ignoring though. Bruce was lurking last night lol
  15. Bruce can suck my juice 
  16. Like I said battle wins are irrelevant which need to be addressed by the devs but instead you pick and choose from my post lmao
  17. ATABruce account has been silenced. Maybe that’s why he’s mum lol
  18. Nah. The rumours are rife!!! Apparently the rare breed of Ape known as “the Bruce” will be joining us shortly...
  19. Shortly as in within the year?
  20. Hey everyone. It's difficult to respond to a thread like this. It started with a question that doesn't have a clear answer and it has snowballed (Canadian term for increasing in size, intensity, or importance) into something bigger. After reading through a couple times I can't pinpoint a single line of reasoning, but one thing is clear: You are frustrated. I will do my best to parse out some of the recurring complaints as well as give you an idea of the fixes we are working on in the short term.

    How many players need to leave?
    KaW is a little over 8 years old. That's pretty insane in a world where most games don't last more than a couple of months. It's still alive because all of you are playing and some of you choose to support us with in-game purchases. Does it suck when players leave? Absolutely. Does it signal the end of KaW? Not at all. Players have left before. Big players have left before. One day when there aren't enough players playing and there aren't enough players supporting us KaW will close its doors, but the same can be said about absolutely every app on the Google Play and App Stores. KaW has legs.

    Delays before Equipment can be Enchanted
    When events are designed they need to respect existing game systems because the window of time they need to be created in is too short to develop and release new features. This is true for the latest structure of event Equipment, where you can change the tier/slot mid event and then Enchant post event. Due to a system limitation, we cannot make it so that you can both tier up and Enchant at the same time. I'm not certain from your feedback if 1) you don't like this system at all or 2) you like the system don't like that you have to wait to Enchant, so maybe you can clarify in this thread. Either way, I think we could do a better job of communicating when this transition takes place. Part of the problem is that some players have tiered up and are ready to Enchant the moment the event ends, while others still haven't tiered up a week after the event and then are upset when the transition happens. Open to working on a better communication plan for this or scrapping the concept entirely.

    Delay when joining a Clan
    We are currently working on this issue. Apologies for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience while we dig in.

    Some players on older devices cannot send messages (Android)
    Being worked on.

    Crashing in World Chat
    This should be fixed now.

    Some players cannot add items to a Trade
    Being worked on.

    Some players cannot unequip from specific Furnishing slots
    Being worked on. In the mean time you can still change Furnishings if you have more than one.

    Home page EB button leads to a stale EB and players need to navigate through their Clan or restart the app (Android)
    This is being investigated.

    Back buttons are cut off (iOS)
    We will look into this after the issues above are resolved.

    Filter buttons are cut off on tiny devices (Android)
    We'll look into this after the issues above are resolved.

    Issues are prioritized based on the number of people they affect and the severity of their impact. There are certainly other issues out there, so please continue to report them and they will be considered alongside everything else.