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  1. You're very persistent, however they are more determined to ignore the masses.
  2. Because that's how game developers are to their communities.

    They don't talk to them. Y'all keep crying for their attention like babies that need to be coddled.
    Developers don't usually talk to the community. Why? Cuz it's a business. They put out a product. You like it, play it. Else there's the door.
    I will never understand how you fools think you're entitled enough to have the developers answer you every beck and call. :lol:
    They can't be arsed. That's how it works.. Some of you delusional fools expect the devs to answer you every question and coddle you because you spend money here lol...
    We got got support. They are our link to the devs...

    @ the fools saying that game is dying... Duh.... It's slowing down.. It's 8 years old +...
    Enjoy the ride.. Enjoy the remaining few years instead of crying like babies here.

    Don't like it? Don't like ATA? Unhappy? Please leave.

    Idk why you babies keep crying lol.. Just leave if you don't like it.. No one wants your crying.
  3. Ppl leave...People come back.. Some join. That's the cycle.

    Frankie was an idiot who waited till the last moment to renew his ee.. Didn't work.. He rage quit.. Who cares lmao.

    All u cry babies either shut up or leave the game.
  4. More use of the word “babies” in those two last posts from my esteemed statless nub then at a newborn baby unit...but I digress.

    The point is spending has stopped and in many cases slowed down. Most if not all agree. You misunderstand the point of this complaint. So I shall explain it using small baby words I’m sure you’ll understand...ok I’m lying I won’t lol

    The point of the complaint is to try and help us all go back to spending more. If the Devs were to respond or even better act upon some of our requests they might...just might re invigorate spending. Surely a great thing for them and Kaw? Even you nublet must agree on that point. Surely.

    It’s the fact that they spend their time rolling out updates like “let’s allow peeps to better sort their charms that no one cares about and multiple sources dispute even work”

    Here’s my problem w this latest update. It’s a feel good update. It genuinely doesn’t add much of anything in a practical sense. Or if it does what does it do? Change the trading from taking 5-6mins to what? 4? 3? It’s not a very useful update. Ok so, and listen carefully the point is coming, if they are more than happy to do a feel good update that must indicate that someone somewhere at ATA is thinking deeply about gameplay in KaW and how it can b bettered. So why the hell doesn’t that person take on board some simple updates that will be feel good and make a difference like updates pots and mith spells?????

    Here end of the lesson. So once again

    DEVS WHAT DO YOU SAY lol (better?)
  5. The only thing that killed this game is the vile & nasty people and bully's on this game. Devs can easyily turn this game around and bring it back to life with some updates.But nothing can be done to improve the community filled with scum people. There are some good people who play kaw who have made it really fun for years on kaw. Even in osws or pvp you make friends outter enemys. But kaw is now over run with lowlifes and many including myself have came to the conclusion. Kaw has gone on a downward spiral allowing them people to infest kaw to the point it is them who are making people go play another game.Hense it really isnt ATA fault but you all are your own worsed enemys ruining what could have kept running for years to come.Mustang is right instead of keep expecting things to be put right you can take it in your own hands and make small changes. Cause lets be honest when people on this game get bullyied nobody intervines.They just sit there and watch it happen because dont want it to flip back on them.So really kaws demise is a people problem and not a over all re structure of the game.Because on this game i have always found you can make your own fun and dont need it all handed down to you.Sorry about the great wall of text here. And that is another example. Kaw is full of small minded people and power trippers. Sadly to say but the only way to improve kaw is to get a vigilante together and put the vile people in their place.Because right now kaw isnt a welcoming place due to them that anybody would want to be in for long.kaw died when it lost the one who made it fun to be on everyday:- the loverly AshesOfEden. If he moved on then that says it all.Scum people killed forums and they infested the rest of the game too.
  6. I do agree alas KaW is full of nasty people, cowards and bullies. And Ashes is a legend....end of!

    But we digress. We still want to hear something, anything from the Devs
  7. Look in the mirror player, as I stated befor, Acrap is the biggest reason people are leaving this game! Close this joke of a thread.
  8. Oh shut up. It’s been nice lately with you not opening your trap in forums
  9. I’m horrifically offends Rogue. Ask anyone around. Not only am I a lovely sweet and generous guys but pretty hot too no honestly that’s what they say.... so you take that back ya big (welk tiny actually) meany you.

    Reality is out of pure courtesy it would be really nice to hear from just one of the Devs

    Whatever happened the community dev? Didn’t they each have like official KaW roles? I’m thinking that dude needs to b reprimanded. He’s been neglecting his duties. Lol
  10. Maybe so as an individual but by those you support and knowing their tactics by default it makes you just as responsible therefore you are just another dirtbag directly responsible for destroying a game we all love, lock this crappy thread!
  11. Dirtbag? Moi? No way. Unless you want me to be

    Now back on topic. Pretty plse with sugar on top plse Devs one of you just even say hello!
  12. If you really want to do something constructive dismantle acrap and maybe try to revive clan wars!
  13. ATA team killed the forums not the "scum" people who play this game
  14. Mods ban scum Roni from KoH before she chase people away from there please she scum people
  15. ^^^^^Someone has been huffing to much gass!
  16. Shud up you scum people too u think u smart but you scummy people too
  17. This is what is left of kaw.Gutless cowards only brave to insult others from a brand new statless alt.Reveal who your main is " Go Away " but you wont because you stay anonymous because a coward.And i dont play any ATA game.My phone isnt compatible to play kingdoms of heckfire since the update they did in december.Which was a blessing in disguise really. Because i found a game that is so much fun and a free worldchat with plenty of drama to hold my attention and non stop wars. Bad things happen so better things can come together.And thankyou "Go away" for proving i was right what i had wrote earlyier that mostly filth are remaining on kaw ruining it for the rest of the decent people on kaw.
  18. Yu need more work and not talk so much then yu can have new phone not old one and play more ata but yu when yu work more yu will not hate yurself so much and not need kaw so much yu scum lazy people stop play this game and go work and feed yu childrin
  19. Bring back Plunder Wars!!!!