How many Hf for the new lands???

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  2. sucks for you....
    I need 3 more HF lands >.<
  3. You can also confirm that this thread has been answered and that at least 2 mods had the opportunity to lock this now cluttering thread.
  4. What she said.

  5. I hate that mods get advanced info about the game. Unfair advantage that has nothing to do with moderating.
  6. They probably just asked support... mods just get a faster response which often DOES deal with moderating
  7. 15
  8. Much needed bump

  10. Don't write in dark blue. Can't read it.
  11. I thought you said "how many creams for the lands?" I was like "what??" :lol: :lol:
  12. 
  13. No requirement idiot they are giving spy glasses to open lands free but the glasses run out so many many people wouldn't have a ******* chance at opening any lands :lol:
  14. Everyone will get to use spyglasses. They will automatically open the next new land you try to purchase. They work on any land ( so use wisely on the most expensive lands you can)
    Obviously some players won't get to use them on the most expensive lands going. However they will be able to unlock a land or two at least if they and community reach certain goals.
    15 hf lands unlocks the next tier of lands so its working out best possible spending plan if you aren't land complete unlocked already.
    But either way its free lands ( or at least as free as they can be in an event that requires seal and xtal usage to earn any chance of decent rewards ).
  16. So wish this wasn't a 9+ game right now :lol: