How many Hf for the new lands???

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  1. To start of with, yes i am a small alt, i made this account for the player bonus now back on topic!

    So ive been thinking, you need all LowLands unlocked for Highland ( get that player bonus and you already got it) So thats not much about 11.5 Bill, then you need 12 Highlands for hoarfrost! So how many HF do you think you will need to get these new lands??
    So my personal prediction is 15, I just think it will be the required number, costs a bit so not just easily unlocked, BUT, it doesnt cost heaps so it wont take long to the dedicated Kawers out there 

    so please leave your comments and predictions and lets see who's got the best guess, Cant wait to see how many we need 

    For the Larry fans out there if it worked 
  3. Omg... :lol:
  4. hahaha
  5. Wrong code.

    It's is

  7. without the button to do it
  8. You noob u need 15 highland explored before hf
  10. I lol'd at this :lol:
  11. 25 LL for HL
    15 HL for HF
    15 HF for new lands?
  12. 25 lowland>HL
    15 Highland>HF
    15 HF>New lands.
    A moderator told me you only needed 15 HF lands. So, I'm gonna say it's 15 
  13. Nah, probably 20hf for new land
  14. 15 HF will be needed for the new land unlocks
  15. I can confirm that you'll need 15 HF.
  16. I said it first check 1st page of this thread
  17. Gerbils!!!
  18. Too late i bought 16
  19. You said 15 highland.