How I Got Stripped Off The LB- A Valk Tale

Discussion in 'Strategy' started by Valkyl_More_MaCHiNE, Oct 16, 2019.

  1. Lol the entire government got hacked ata can't use the fort knox excuse anymore!
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  2. Valk is an OG legend. For ATA to shaft him like this is a disgrace. For the hackers that did it, I hope you burn.
  3. I just saw this post, I quit years ago because of this. Same exact thing happened to me and now years of my work is out the window. I was a top 10k account during this time, and my account now would be like a week old account 😭
  4. KAW is hackable, no doubt. They can't even fix a simple technical issue right away.

    LOL on Pentagon got hacked but not KAW.
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  5. I’m not surprised, I had something similar happen to me but I wasn’t playing, someone took over my account, dropped my build, traded my charms and support would do nothing about it but give back my charms, not completely surprised you had at least been givin tokens to rebuild with your LB status taken, unless you’re a whale support doesn’t really give you the time of day, the response time is dreadfully slow and when they do respond. It’s always your fault in some capacity. Never account shared, I’ve always owned the account. It’s a social game at this point for me.
  6. This game is really horrible … ONLY compulsives players who spend a lot of real money stay.
  7. Solve and his alts is really one of the worst player…. Poor man
  8. They are all compulsives players, specially solve
  9. What did solve ever did to you :):) @pliver
  10. My account got hacked last year and they stole my oracle set and charms but I didn’t get compensation.. wtf? 😂
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  11. Can someone PLEASE look at solve…. Thisplayer and all his alt is really averycompulsive player. We are asking for his kickout of the game. JOIN US
  12. This is harassment plivier. Yes I do spend much IN game and I spend much time on my ten kingdoms. All perfectly acceptable under TOU.
  13. This is stupid why we doin this event AGAIN HIT 15 TIMES ASSINATE 25 STUPID 3 TIMES IN A ROW ITS BS
  14. hey kitty! wrong thread haha! it’s okay i get confused too