How I Got Stripped Off The LB- A Valk Tale

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  1. How in the world do you expect us to believe your system is 100% secure when you cant get an asw correct, or update the leaderboard for two weeks?Devs, your you know what is showing. Fix something, jeez.
  2. A few weeks ago, on a cold saturday night at 2AM, I got an email requesting a password reset for an account of mine. I had a mini heart attack, because I was nowhere near kaw at the time. Upon sending a ticket, devs assured me nothing was wrong and it was all on me, even though someone clearly tried to access my account. I am so sorry this happened to you and devs should refund you every single damn penny. Claiming your security system can't be breached is the most pathetic thing ever. National security systems can be breached and have to be actively updated on a daily basis to prevent disaster, but ata is just fine? Get outta here with that nonsense. Ata is a circus and the devs are the clowns
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  3. This is concerning. A member of our clan in heckfire was also hacked. All his tokens were cached in, his allies dropped, rebought, then dropped and his troops were sent to suicide against some players walls, which prevented him from shielding because of the realm wrath mechanism. The remains were advertised ffa in realm chat with a pointer to his location, saying he was quitting.

    This happened around 3 am in the morning on a weekday. He woke up because of all the alerts and it was too late.

    Support denied restoring his account and accused him of giving away his password. He then asked if they could send him a transcript of the logins during those hours, to which they replied, no, because they didn't log any log on events.

    Day after another dev said, they did log events, but nothing was out of the ordinary, it looked like he logged on as usual in the Philippines...this guy lives in Ireland. So he explained that to support who then claimed it was someone in his household who had access to his phone. He then asked if his cat was a reasonable suspect, since he was living alone.

    Then the thread was closed immediately and he was permanently silenced. So yeah, that happened.

  4. Damn ATA on both games? 🤦‍♀️
  5. Like I said..... SPRAGGA
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  6. Sorry Bro! ATA don’t do ******* ****! My account got messed up and they could careless.
  7. From my understanding it is being done by forums settings, is it true? Say it ain't so!
  8. F
    From my understanding of the issue there was a glitch when the new forums were released that exposed players emails. That combined with being able to have infinite password attempts enabled some players to have their accounts hacked. Valk who was one of the players hacked, was never fully compensated after spending thousands on the game and the devs pretty much fobbed him off.
  9. Lmao . “Fort Knox”. One time devs gave away my account to someone accidentally becuause he emailed them trying to recover it. Whoopsies! Tore down my entire build.
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  10. Val did you not have a small ac with same name ? That some how manage to hire ally but does not show