How I Got Stripped Off The LB- A Valk Tale

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  1. Lol 🤦‍♂️
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  2. Well I am personally appalled by this and I will not spend one more nickel with ATA until they do something about it and tell me that their security is up to date I wish everybody else would join me
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  3. its ok they have pimd bro they dont need ur money LOL HA
  4. So a few things ... they did burn down account on purpose by wasting gold for example buying and dropping a lb then that lbs allies bought and dropped whom reached out immediately because no one does that purposely because no benefit. They knew something was wrong! I won’t name that person nor do I think our in game enemies had anything to do with this. They wouldn’t want to win that way and certainly wouldn’t target Valk of all people whom has no drama surrounding him. I have more to say but yes we know where charms were transferred we gave Devs a play by play of what was happening and they are afraid and lashing out for a reason. We felt transparency was best for kawmunity and we have put ourselves out there for review instead of being embarrassed - we want you to be safe so telling our story. Plan your security in addition to your Black Friday spend. I know many are afraid to post here but have reached out saying not spending because the trust in ATA gone. There are simple things ATA can do to improve security they just need to not victim blame /shame and realize Facebook gets hacked everything gets hacked nothing is safe but with charms pulling in irl cash there is worth there now for hackers to target player base. The hacking won’t stop but the spending will.
  5. Idk what to post besides the obvious. The devs messed up, they admitted that by restoring Valks build and charms/rewards/furniture but refuse to restore his allies gold. Says basically all it should, they want more money spent by him. It's a big pile of bs, everyone knows it, and the behavior will only hurt the game in the future as most will be afraid to spend. I believe contacting Apple or Google is best option to let them know the devs allowed hacking and refuse to repay the losses by Valk and others. Maybe pressure by them will help
  6. I think it was Spragga.
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  7. I’ve warred Valk many times in different osws and not only he’s a tough opponent to face but he also always had class. I’m not buying sharing account excuse. And know for a fact he’s owned this account for as long as I can remember, way before his first osw. When I heard of what was happening and that emails can be gathered off forums, while number of attempts to enter correct password is unlimited - one way of getting it done comes to mind: bot random pws until it’s guessed correctly and then it’s game on. So I sent my thoughts to devs asking them to implement an obvious basic fix and got same copy/paste reply where ATA claims their system is unbreachable (must be better than Pentagon lol) and it’s all account sales and sharing that is to blame...Taking responsibly implies financial consequences for ATA so I don’t expect things to change there. The least they can do is truly investigate and actually fix what is known at this point and I hope they are dedicating resources to that vs some new useless game feature like reward collection tab...I’m not from Valk’s alliance and never got to be on the same side with him in osw, quite the opposite, but I hope he gets his gold back. No one deserves this and no one deserves to be accused of wrongdoing just so devs can pretend like nothing bad happened on their part. This is pure theft followed by disrespect from ATA..
  8. To much money time effort to play this game. Some ppl in LB successfully getting hacked. This is not the first time Lb ppl got hacked . So Dev and ATA how you explained to all of us how this people got hacked? You claim this game is secured ? For mostly Lb people spends money in this game like they purchase a brand new truck why? because they love the game. Now it’s all disappointment from you Dev , ATA now I will no Longer spend money on this game. I’m really really sorry to hear from this guys being hacked.
  9. Thats a really scary story and I decided to believe it for now. I hope - if this really is true - that ATA gets the balls to clear that up, find the participants of this, fix the losses and punish those who did that. It’s a game but cheating is always a shameful thing!
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  10. Devs,

    Can you PLEASE provide the kawmunity with some sort of updates or reassurances that accounts will be refunded of there stats/charms/allies.

    Also, sort your damn security before it’s too late and people walk away from the game.

  11. They’ve already given an update in Announcements. They won’t be doing anything further.
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  12. Yup, they seem to think that they weren’t at fault.
    It’s a really great way to treat people who have helped pay their wages for years.
  13. My account was also hijacked a month or 2 ago
    The support team blamed me saying I must have sold my account or my charms. I tried for the longest time to get something resolved but the support team refused to help me or restore anything.

    I really wish we could get some real support.
  14. I will never spend another penny on this game. Ever. I have warred with valkyl and he is an amazing guy. There is no way he shared his account details with someone else. A few other people have got hacked too recently. Spending so much of money and still doesn't get the deserved support from the team? Totally ridiculous and a shame to the support team. He has been playing this game for a decade and you apes can't even support a valuable customer. There has been a security breach. Admit this and get your sorry ass of a developer team to fix these issues. If the leaderboard players itself are treated like ****, just imagine what they'd do to the non leaderboard players.

    And then they try to pull our attention away from the most important security issue by introducing a new pay to play event. 150 nobs for a battle pass like items. So ridiculous. And the new epic battle is available from Monday.

    Admit your damn security breach and focus on fixing it first. Return the lost gold to valkyl. There's no point paying on this game anymore if you know you're going to be treated like ****. A company will only succeed if you treat the customers properly. That will decide the future of the company. But it seems the developers don't care about their customers anymore. This game will die. I hope the whole kawmunity reads this. Only if we stop spending will the devs get serious and focus on fixing issues that the community puts forth. All players including leaderboard players must join hands as a community and boycott spending till demands are met.
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  15. This is just unacceptable. I respect and appreciate the support behind Valk. The fact that ATA support isn't taking this much more seriously should worry every single person who has ever spent a dime on this game. If this was one-off, it would still be wrong, but the fact is, it's not. It's becoming an epidemic. I work for an app. I'm not dev, but even in my lowly role I have pretty broad access to user accounts. ATA is acknowledging something is happening but won't remedy it. That just strikes me as a weird and suspect stance. They're willing to sacrifice actual money to protect virtual zeroes and ones? Hmmm, just doesn't make much sense...maybe there's more to the story? People say in wc that this game is dead and I chuckle. Death is usually much quiter. Death is inaction from devs to the biggest spending most loyal accounts on this game. So, which game do we move to?
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  16. New pay to play event though🌚
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  17. ATA's official response is an abomination, they showed our emails in the forums during the early days of the new transition, surely they must know that bruteforce hacking is a thing.
  18. With continued silence from ata about an actual assurance of our profiles security, aside frome the copy paste forum post that was sent in response to support tickets, I fear that nothing is being done and that ata feels they are world leaders in cyber security. This is dangerous, they can be breached, ALL of our accounts can be breached. This is not only just about Valks account, yes, he is a friend and clan mate, but the real story here, friend or foe, Valk and all of apoc and friends I beleive would like for us to continue to push for better account security and transparency from ata support. These copy and paste replies and "assurances" should not be accepted by anyone. I beg of all who care or don't. Please do not spend on this app and change your passwords often until ata announces a SINCERE approach to this security issue
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  19. Same goes for every other account. Keep your details unique so that if your details are leaked on another database, then you can’t get compromised here...
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  20. Back to my point.
    1)Is it possible to trace back who these charm were send to?. Tracing back would solve the situation.
    2) need valk to come forward admitting he got hack rather than players supporting post as he is a lb respected player. #more credibility.
    3) if a mid/small acc that got hacked would usually be ignored as didn't spend as much as valk.
    Bottom line devs should investigate on its own rather than being one sided just cause he is a respectable player and is friendly.
    Not sure devs will listern to these who spend and got banned as the player isn't likable
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