How I Got Stripped Off The LB- A Valk Tale

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  2. Can't believe someone would stoop this low on a tap tap yard sale traders market social app!!! (Notice I said nothing about war game)
  3. Devs should really investigate this issue.
    1)Is it possible to trace back who these charm were send to?.
    2) Allies were hired/dropped by which kaw id?
    3) Was there any purchases made via google play or apps store when acc was hacked?
    Just some of the suggestion i have.

    #support valk
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  4. Support.

    This was a malicious attack on a guy that definitely didn’t deserve it.
    Devs you need to be hearing the kawmunity on this, you’ll end up losing big spenders if they see that they’re not safe & you’re not rectifying problems. Sort it out.
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  7. Not spending cash on this game til the devs fix this. It could happen to any of us. I support Valk
  8. Support,

    The fact that this isn’t an isolated incident and they’re still not refunding everything that people have worked and paid for is just disgraceful for a company of ATA’s size. This was a clear, malicious attack on Valk and everybody else whose accounts were compromised. To not even own up to the fact that the security was breached and to just blame the victim is disgusting, vile behaviour. I sincerely hope that the monetary value of this game in ATA’s eyes crashes down and they have to at least start caring for their playerbase. Give the man his 106Q back and fix your damn security so we don’t have to worry about losing all of our stuff as players. After all, these people are the only reason you guys still make money off of KaW. Do your playerbase a favour and stop victim shaming and giving the same copy and pasted response when there’s an issue.
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  9. This can't be allowed to happen, Devs certainly must have the ability to track each user's transaction, and find out where it was distributed. Also make sure that they get returned.

    Blaming the player is just disgusting, it's clear this wasn't an isolated case, someone is out there doing this to multiple accounts. Passwords doesn't mean anything if there is a backdoor intrusion.
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  10. Devs need to track this darkdealer user, see his transactions, he sold furnishings and charms to traders, which means that he got something in return, pretty big payday too, I would imagine. So now it's tracing who has the charms that DarkDealer was paid, in order to find the main.

    The support team really needs the Devs input in this matter, their usual response don't do players any justice.
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  11. Support.

    what happened to you and others that we know of is truly outrageous. You are one of the good guys left, warring since day one, Osw since day 1. I really hope devs do something to bring your gold back and take this as a lesson. The perception of being impenetrable does nothing for the image of ata- we would appreciate more honesty and a better response through these tickets.
    Sorry again valk. One of the best
  12. oh man, because you do not dare to invest any more when I hear that it would be a disaster if that would happen to me and believe that I lack the strength to continue to do
    I wish you valky that you get everything back and please stop something like that
    If unusual actions are carried out on my bank account, I will be notified as well, it will be held back until I give it my ok
    translated with goggle
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  13. So, this is how ATA treats it’s good customers.

    It’s sad, because they can easily tell that this wasn’t a result of the player cheating and through no fault of their own, players’ accounts were hacked. These players deserve to have their accounts FULLY restored. They deserve to know it won’t happen again. And because nothing is 100% secure, that when something does fail ATA will be there to assist them, not hinder or belittle them.

    Do the right thing ATA. What remains of your reputation depends on it.
  14. I just wonder what their reasoning is behind not giving the gold back. Valk is the most honest players in kaw. Refund his gold.
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  15. I've never been a supporter of hacking and unfair game play like that. Sorry for your lost investment, Valk. First half of this forum post I actually felt kinda bad for ya and couldn't help but hate on the devs for messing this up again. But you know what? Towards the end I just had to think of all my friends in this OSW that were hacked by Apoc and WDGAF members and I really.. don't feel that bad anymore. Granted, Valk was never actively involved in the hackings, but the best of us are always punished by fate. ;)
    Look at all this support and sudden interest in the devs doing the morally right thing. I'm sorry but lmfao... While you're at it, why don't we mention the hacked accs on my side that were accepted into Apoc and WDGAF with open arms. Where were your righteous set of morals then? Only when it suits the Apoc spenders :)
    So yes, devs, time to make things right. :) Hacked accs should ALWAYS be refunded, eh? :) In game security is a joke.
  16. I have already reported this several times, FYI. The cause of these hacks is known to ATA. And I truly feel bad for all the people that got hacked.

    Doesn’t make the Apoc posts on this thread less hilarious to read, though. Thank you.
  17. Not cool ATA, not cool.
    Just do the right thing.
    You know you slipped up with the forum/emails, so make it good.
    Valk doesn’t deserve this.
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  18. Support 💯
  19. Well idsay anyone spending money on the game is a fool after reading this and I for one will not be participating in any black Friday sale k owing it could be taken so easily.... Devsneed to address this now...... Disgusting customer service
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