How I destroyed mercs legion

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  1. ML died when Laelyr quit, I agree. BUT, it did come back, and if you were not a part of that comeback then you have no business talking on this thread. As I said before, spread us too thin and opening Mercs Horizon was what led many to leave.

    Anyway, saying Myst was the reason for the demise is actual cancer, and the idiots saying it died long before clearly live under a rock and need to get out more to see the Kawmunity
  2. No the last paragraph is a joke because Myst is the current leader of ML and is not coincidential.
  3. XD

    It's at least something to think about lol.
  4. Seems a bit harsh, I heard that myst is doing a marvellous job as family leader and ML has become 100 times stronger and more fun during her extended reign as leader.
  5. Lol gary
  6. Screw you Gary  stop twisting my words

  7. Lol Gary.