How I destroyed mercs legion

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  1. I always got hate for using forums.
  2. *insert statless insult*

    On a side note, I know some kaw 'leaders' that act exactly like that. Humorous to see it all written down.
  3. I miss ML, too bad some people didn't appreciate my jokes which eventually resulted in my first kick.
  4. LMAO
    The ML of recent is nothing of ML dat waz 4 years ago. That ML waz destroyed by DAE and LAE. Everything that happened afterwards was a shadow of the formal glory dat once waz ML. Wake up people and move on as this is a boring story! Props to the originals that will not be named by me but u all know who u are as only a few of us are still left in this game! True mercs true warriors!
  5. lol interesting read , we got ourselves another troll in forums I see. Keep up the good work
  6. true rabbit but there was still a family there even after the og members were gone. and really isn't a boring story at all lol. lots of lies and deception and manipulation
  7. Ohhh my story is a fun part of ML history. Like rigged elections etc...
  8. honestly wish I had kept some good ss I had lol
  9. Cool story, What's this clan and its importance?
  10. what's your importance in this post? lol ;)
  11. It's forums and I can post if I'd like ;) lol (see passive aggressive lol at the end).
  12. lol well I'm sure you actually have some sort of opinion other than what u said. "lol" :p
  13. Not really, A bunch of Snakes ruined the clan and it's that's simple.
  14. there we go. I like that answer better
  15. Only thing you destroyed is your stats by the looks of it.
  16. Only see two first year mercs here. ML fell apart after dae and Lae split. The rest was a joke to continue
  17. ML was a great clan until late retired then it broke up stating with MH which I was a part of for a long time then I I found myself in another clan of zaft until the osw ripped the zaft clans apart.
  18. This
  19. You know you're doing an awesome job as clan boss when people complain more about my stats, than defending how great of a job you're doing at building a great big Merc clan
  20. You sound kind of salty and butthurt... Get over it and stop talking about something that's been discussed one too many times.