How do system wars work now?

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  1. Hello everyone. I've been away from this game for a few years and I'm wondering how system wars (EE) work now. Can someone please give me an explanation of the war format and which modes BFE/BFA, hit range, etc are factored in on?

    As I said, I've been away for a while and stats on equipment and from lands look really REALLY inflated so I just don't know where to start.

    Thanks in advance for any help.
  2. No more war, only charms, furniture & RP
  3. There are now 2 kinds of system wars. Indy and lowland, with alternating time slots, each lasting an hour.

    Indy wars are identical to classic 10 min ko system wars except they are not clan based. You sign up for a war and you are magically placed in a clan with similar sized builds against another similarly constituted clan. Rosters vary generally between 11-15.

    Lowland wars are clan based system wars with 15-man rosters where you organise your own rosters, as with classic ee wars and random 5-10 min ko times. However:

    1. only lowland buildings are used to determine stats. All other lands are not included.

    2. Equipment and bfa are not included in your stats. Rather, they count towards a bonus % to your stats for the war up to 10%.

    3. There is no ally bonus plunder for attacks.
  4. There have been no change in wars since you left after S5.
    But anyway great to see you back 
  5. They start by being matched against a FFA clan in Lowlands and complaining about that or in a Indi War with the other 29 people who actually opted in. Then you do it, get rewards, get angry and come and make a forum post about everything you think will fix EE wars. Don't worry, your idea is totally original and deserves it's own thread instead of being in a consolidated thread too. Then after the token few people come in and are like "Support" or "Support but may I suggest (insert thread they formerly posted) your thread gets derailed and no one pays attention anyway.
  6. Lots of fun though