How do HTE clans work?

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  1. Now I'm not new to the game, but I just got my first seal from an altar of brand. I want to join a hte clan but I don't understand how passes work, and I don't want to look like a noob. Can someone teach me how they work?
  2. You apply to join. An admin will wall you, asking if you have a seal.

    Once your in, you will go in the que. Make sure you look at CA, it will tell you the rules.

    When its your turn, you seal and tell the admins the rules, which determine which pass you get.

    They give you a pass and you can hit.
  3. Just adding if you leave your items FFA you'll usually get a longer stay
  4. Which clan(s) offer the best hte and zta passes
  5. Personally I believe hte and zta clans don't give you as much as what another clan would that doesn't do it as often.
  6. 1. sell your soul to ata grant

    2. mortgage your house

    3 buy seals

    4. quit kaw
  7. Zta clans I think are a ripoff. 4 circles per eb? Ehh
  8. Depends on what you want. Some clans allow xtals, others dont. Some do fast ebs, some go slower. Some have long passes, others dont.
  9. That is actually a really good deal? 40 cents per eb? Amazing. Much better deal than an hte clan.
  10. If you dont have xtals, you might wanna find a clan that doesnt allow xtals. Otherwise you get stuck missing EBs and waiting for a sealer. Usually only a problem when xtals are fully open, some clans let the seal user decide if other players can xtal (dont often see xtals closed when thats the case either) or some clans just simply allow 1 xtal per player per EB (except the seal user who can always max xtal on his seal).

    I learned after a couple stays Clans that limit xtals typically have less waiting periods but slower EBs. Which is great if you dont have xtals, or just prefer having an open EB to hit more often than not.
  11. Zta-Hte-wtf, -the ark-, a couple other lb ones are gud
  12. It's a system that isn't exactly fool proof.

    If you're capable enough, you could scam.

    My friend used to do it all the time.

    So basically, the only way you'll gain entry into a clan is by having a pass or by getting put in a seal queue.

    How did he obtain a pass illegitimately?
    I'm not sure if this method is still viable.

    But he had an alt name change to the name of a pass maker.

    Use that alt to post on his main's wall.

    Then he'd try and join the clan.

    It was a serious balancing act.

    Since at any moment, if someone clicked the account and noticed anything fishy...

    Possible kick and farm for a while.

    But I think people were just that lazy to confirm passes.

    To be fair though, this was when HTE was reallllly popular so I guess people just assumed their pass was legit.

    Did it actually work?
    Yes, I don't think he was ever caught until he finally quit scamming/KaW.
  13. *doesnt wanna look like a noob*
    *makes a forum post so that not only do potential HTE clans see, but also kaw global*
  14. good advice guys thanks