how come my posts are always locked!

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  1. They locked your thread and then erased my post about the bathroom and then forum banned mebut still have my post up on your toilet thread they really don’t know what they are doing 
  2. I got bannned from world chat because i was trying To Buy charms And They say Its against TOU 
  3. Support !!!
  4. In b4 lock
  5. Huge support GM. This game is dead...event followed by event followed by yet another worthless event. Only way to save it is by introducing something new. Anything!!!
  6. Go Mino Go. I support Mino’s comment 100%
  7. Totally agree the game is going down the toilet so why not award us with a fancy toilet , or a nice wardrobe where we can all hang our slinky garments , then re-name the game "kingdom at wardrobes " .
  8. Good on you champ
  9. Chump*
  10. I meant champ you stupid noob.

  11. Acrap mod fostering ugly behaviour? Say it ain't so!
  12. He’s a really crap mod for sure. He made his own post then locked the thread for no reason. Then the thread was unlocked because he has no right or reason to lock it other than his own selfish reasons.
  13. Say what ?
  14. Why isn’t this locked yet 
  15. I want a 4th kaw room. A bîdet grotto chamber. A place to store all my kaw bîdets. And maybe a 5th kaw castle room? A luxurious walk-in closet to keep all my greasy kaw merkins earned during these incredibly vital years playing this intricate game of strategy. Dare 2 dream.
  16. You need to spend more $ to game to get respect from devs. They can message mods to leave your forum post alone.