how come my posts are always locked!

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  1. Every time I post it gets locked! I think my posts of new furniture ideas and rooms are more relevant than the nonsense written in here. At least I’m putting some fresh ideas in the game. More than I can say for ATA.

    So come on devs!

    Fire those minimum wage 18 year olds working in the basement designing on Autocad ‘ the finger gloves of a thousand sad nonces ‘ and but some spirit in the game!

    New EBs
    All star WAR
    A war system with random spell elements

    Something for gods sake ya clowns.
    I can come up with fresh clothing/rooms all day long matey boys!..... have I mentioned my ideas on a room of JUST sideboard lamps.......

  2. I concur!
  3. I agree 100%, the toilet idea was amazing and I would definitely spend money on royal chests to be able to get a toilet. Locking it was a bad idea on devs and moderators part
  4. Oh mino! I love all your nonsense; however, I don’t want to think toilets. Let’s talk kitchens! The women of the game need somewhere to make sandwiches!
  5. You un-retired?
  6. Mods used to give a reason why they lock the thread. I guess they don’t care for letting you know why anymore. Personally, I can’t see why your thread about the toilet was locked. It stayed on topic and had nothing vulgar in there.
  7. I put vulgar things in my toilet every day 
  8. #Hahahaahahhahahaimgladyourtheleaderofmyclanbutpostsdontneedareasontogetlockedheremodsareoverzealousandwilllockanythingemotionallychargedagainstthem........losers
  9. Buy ATA Mino and then fire them all.
  10. who locked the toilet post
  12. Like Sisie says. Mino makes some good points. If you want to save the game turn it back into a war game, make the rewards higher than you get for eb‘ s and build the wars round the existing clans.

    I hope you listen to Mino. In amongst the humour he makes some excellent points.
  13. 100% agree with this
  14. yeah someone buy out the company and turn this game around lel
  15. I'm pretty sure the rights to this game were sold to a player a few years ago.
  16. Some new elements would be nice. Support for Mino!
  17. I support this thread post