How big do you have to be to be relevant now?

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  1. I did. Close to 3 years since i last played to grow.
  2. 2squillion cses
  3. But you're still here in forums? Why are you on forums for a game that you "don't play" anymore? That's weird to me.

  4. Haha u short

  5. That wasn’t a height measurement

  6. I'm aware of that ...HA! Still short 

    roni, lili, skinny, lady Kathama please respond ...(ur passing up a good opportunity here) 
  7. 5” is average.

    So starting at 6” you could technically consider yourself big, but most don’t think so until about 7”

  8. BAHAHA!!!!  ...5" is NOT average LOL ask your mom she takes a survey every weekend 

    ...6" is NOTHING to brag about either 

    ...7" you shouldn't be embarrassed in the locker room 

    It's directly proportional to actual height in MOST cases (unless your a freak like me )
    Snoopy must be tiny lil fellow LOL 


  9. You drive one of them Smart cars are something? You know you go on a 1st date and try to park that pathetic white little thing in her garage she's gonna be disappointed it only takes up half a space? 

    ...Babs please respond (lol)
  10. I do play. I still war. I dont play the game to grow, because im not an idiot.
  11. Girth moves the earth!!
  12. Like throwin' a hotdog down a hallway......

  13. Lady I don't think you're picking this thing up and throwing it anywhere, unless you get a couple dozen of your friends to help you ...which I gladly encourage

    Looks more then adequate to fill your hallway madame a matter of fact you may need to throw some grease on the walls. Ild get rid of those picture frames too Ima blast them out your back door

    Unless you got something like this...
  14. If you use this magical searching device called google it will tell you the average. 5.2” is about the average across USA, Canada, and the UK. :)

  15. BA!!!... BA!!!...BA!!!... BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!  LOLOLOL 
  16. I have in no way implied my tally is 5.2”

    I’m simply stating a fact. Besides, a beagle can’t possibly be measured accurately. It can depend on if the lady is in heat or not if you feel me.

  17. Well we asked "her" ...lady-K responded that she took a measurement from "her" lips to the back of "her" throat. It measures 5" inches and you came up about halfway (=2.5")

 can't even make it to the closet halfway down the hallway? :(