How big do you have to be to be relevant now?

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  1. I don’t spend that much but probably seals to join netherking trains or circles to be in ZTA trains
  2. If you are a non spender, the best time to spend all year if you are going to spend is after thanksgiving duting the black friday promo. You basically get 2 seals for the price of one
  3. 6.5 inches
  4. Must be cold ^
  5. 750m CS I relevant apparently

  6. lili? Roni? ...response please :p 
  7. ...lady-Kathama? No one??? :|
  8. 9"

    Or some serious girth.
  9. Big around as a can-o-corn!
  10. In my experience,i can say this..
    First of All, you need to have stats.
    And also a weapon, i prefer the bazooka or maby even the smallpox scroll..
    Second of All, IT is nessesary to team Up with a big Strong player that Will protect you ! Think of this game as a version of being locked Up.. you need to make yourself available to the needs of a Strong muscular player.. that implies that you Will make All crevices that you have,buttered Up and ready to go..
    This may Hurt your inner pride, you even may start to cry and beg, but have No fear, you get used to the penetrating stiff comments and the sudden attacks..
    You may even like the brute force of this highpace game
  11. That depends on how you define relevant. I might be tiny in terms of stats, but to a certain degree I am definitely relevant. :)
  12. There is no such thing as relevance on kaw anymore. Ally lb 1 is still irrelevant, because the game is dying. Stats mean nothing because of hyperinflation and lack of gold sinks, and the game will soon shut down.
    Best spend your time and money elsewhere.
  13. Lol ppl have been saying the game will die soon since forever ago loser
  14. Got to be 18yo to be relevant kids
  15. Hi mr. Obvious forum alt. Have you perhaps seen the wc lately? The wars? The active eb list? The last desperate money milking updates from ATA? Yeah.
  16. My question is why are you still here then? If you feel this way you should've left a long time ago already
  17. Thats a good question for your significant other

  18. Growing as a Hansel is not the fastest way although hansels get good end of eb plunder you miss out on att plunder throughout
  19. You will never be more relevant than anyone else, Sorry.