How big do you have to be to be relevant now?

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  1. Title. Also is the fastest way to grow now to just do legends?
  2. 200 mcs is decent and can get you into most clan. Fastest way without paying is doing all the legends and hitting Lotl/goth
  3. If I spent money, what would be best to buy to get my money's worth?
  4. Get all eb bonuses:

    BR 13%, EE 50%, Event Fate chest 25% and use silver/gold crux chests on premium eb's.
    Build as a Hansel and u will grow as fast as how much u play and willing to spend.
  5. 500k cs is what you should strive for in KaW. You can hit almost any tier 3 eb. No point to go any further.
  6. dtw
  7. 900kcs is the big stuff
  8. 4 icetails big
  9. Buddy you never even hit me
  10. You need

    400b BFE
  11. Id say about 9 inches
  12. An account
  13. 200-250mcs tobedecentstats
  14. 6ft, 7ft 8ft, bunch what
  15. I mean rawr rawr rawr rawr I’m a dragon.
  16. Needa Be Hugh Mungus to be relevant.

  17. 