How ATA killed their new game before its launch lol

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  1. Alright, take a look at other mobile games that have been successful in the past. Has it been possible for you to get on the LB in those games witgout spending? I doubt it. Yet, they were still successful, because they allowed you to compete against players your own size, which is what the devs are trying to do with KoH.

    As for this, there are people that have t4 troops.

  2. They make enought money off zta and hte and now HTE on steriods they can shut down today and be able to live how they are for next 60 years
  3. The main problem with KoH is shown by a video on YouTube made my "AngryJoeShow" called the top 10 gaming controversies of 2013. In his rant of sorts he complains about how even in betas the cash shop is fully functional, how in beta they limit what you can do because you aren't spending, how in beta they tend to drag it out for months because it is making good money etc etc. Starts at 14:45 ish for anyone who wants to listen to it. It basically shows every problem with the current KoH. Not to mention the lack of hit ranges and how it's basically a "paid preview" to get anywhere.

  4. If it counts i was top 50 as F2P joined 6 months after server started
  5. ^Everyone was reset 15 days ago

    More realms are going to be added, they just don't have enough players to fill them yet.

    Top 2 are close to maxing T4 attack if they haven't already.

    I think the largest problem is the lack of tutorial in the game when it comes to PvP. I had to figure out PvP almost completely by myself, but I came as a beta tester, not as a normal player, so I'm not expecting new players to. New players are getting thrown into the fire immediately, and really aren't getting the proper preparation or guidance. There's lots of ways to protect yourself in the game, but I'm not sure new clans are teaching properly, or if they even know how. Might gets more inflated the larger you get, I wouldn't worry about it too much. Unless you really annoy or upset them, I doubt the top would waste time burning a small clan up for no reason.

    F2P players will catch up over time, this game is a marathon, not a sprint. They'll reach T3 long before I reach T4.

    edit: Another problem is troop bloat, which is something we as players will probably solve ourselves over time.
  6. Heck, I almost fired someone at ATA for trying to develop what the rest of the mmorpg market has been doing for years. We've had it easy here @ KaW for years as "they" followed their { socio-mmorp policy } and for their target meet - you have to give credit, just check third party messaging KaW rooms/groups.
  7. I know it's a hard concept to grasp (it's not) but the OP makes perfect sense. The devs are stringing KaW along. Each update has made an exponentially bigger gap in the player base but it did NOT start off like that. Even GaW didn't allow purchases for like the first week. There is no Shame at this point if the gap is as big as it is being told in KOH which is still in beta for christ sake. The developers are trying to recreate the massive boom KaW experienced 5 or 6 years ago, but there will never be another KaW for ATA. It can't be done. Purchasing power used to be based on how far you had progressed in the game, which made you grind using game mechanics to begin. Now? Pick it up, drop $1k, never interact with a single player, and say hello to those fake coins.

    The Social aspect of ATA games is dead. Make them money or move over.

    Miss you TofuLabs:-(

    Edit: Do I get a permanent ban if I bring up Trueplayer? Kaw "used" to cap Nobility bought per day. Until we all found out that was bullcrap and Trueplayer had been allowed to bypass that cap daily. So im not sure I would trust a "Cap system" either. KoH will launch as pay to win,caps will never exist again. I mean FFS the Xtal limit used to be in place to protect players for getting dominated. Now it's barely preventing the economy from failing entirely since it just suppresses the amount of gold injected into the game.
  8. Hyperbole. To be old fashioned, lies and calumny. :p

    For the OP, I think they couldn't go wrong with a plan like Heroes Charge or Summoner's War (I think those are the app names). Specifically, just start a new server once an existing server gets full enough, then have new player's default server be the new one.

    They can choose to start on the old server, and maybe down the road they can introduce moving accounts (for a fee) from newer servers to older servers, but never older to newer. As long as the incoming population is enough to support this model, there's nothing wrong with it.

    Of course, with the server browser you could also log-out / log-in In-App, meaning you could have folks grinding up new accounts on new servers to try to dominate there now that they have experience - expanding some folks spending.

    Feedback for this solution - ATA doesn't have the architecture or the UI to implement this for KoH, I think. It would take a radical overhaul or the next app ATA makes to see something like this. Additionally, to guarantee decent incoming for a new app while a gamble like this, you'd want expensive advertising of some kind probably for the first month. Those are strong barriers, I think.

    Edit: Guess I missed -Narwhal's post talking about how more realms will be added. Disregard! In which case OP, that's your fix, don't worry.
  9. I discovered this new game because of this thread ironically. I've been playing for about a week now. Nothing seems to make sense at the start then it all seems to fall into place after a couple of days.

    Kingdoms of Heckfire is the bomb. This new game rocks! It really does. Ata have hit the jackpot with this. It's super fun once you get the mechanics understood.

    The guys who have spent big to get big are of no consequence or threat to even one bit of enjoyment of the game.

    Complaining about the spenders being so big is irrelevant to the game. The big guys, like here. Fuss and fight with other big guys. The small guys fuss and fight with other small guys.

    Do yourself a favour. Kingdoms of Heckfire will supersede KaW in time. It's fun, engaging, and I'm glad this thread saying it will fail was posted so I could discover this game
  10. How much were you paid to write that review bionicbaby
  11. You should get a life shifty. I actually have never come across anyone like you that tries so hard to make themselves relevant in an ageing phone app. Who you impressing ?

    You only ever quote other people because you lack the intellect to have an original thought.

    Sorry shifty. Black hand is gone. Nobody cares like they did "back in the day"

    You might be the stupidest returning player I've ever seen. 
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  13. And yet you lack the minerals to hit. Noob
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  15. When is the new game to be released? What is the full name
  16. Great thread. Seems the devs don't even understand what made kaw attractive and why people were willing to spend money. All they do now is try to feed on sad people.
  17. To be honest, I'm just surprised ATA hasn't locked this thread yet.

    Me thinks it shows something, I don't know what but it's something.

    I'd honestly expect more if a dev or admin responded to these cements buttttttt...

    It's smarter to stay out of this "crapfest".
  18. Lol, how on earth can you allow purchases to be made on a game during a beta trial period? Never seen this in any betas I've participated in... Usually accounts get reset after a beta, progress gets wiped and all you get is a shiny medal/achievement, early game experience and fun for that beta.

    Not capping any spending is doomed to fail except if you are charging for cosmetics. You could as well allow bots and cheaters and just assume that regular players will play for spots 10-100%.

    Kaw survived this long due to its social aspect, its strong community (which degraded a lot though over the past few years). The economy is suffering from a huge inflation since the introduction of regular HTEs, ZTAs and whatever means to increase your plunder. The barrier to enter for new players is extremely high, influx of new players is basically nonexistent.
  19. When is this game getting released?
  20. Should we listen to someone who doesnt post with their main?