How are my stats?

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How are my stats?

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  1. I am indeed a huge ray of sunshine how did you know, after having a peek at your build I can honestly give you one bit of advice!QUIT
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  2. Can we lock this already
  3. No lock ...we need to get this thing "fleshed out", for the good of the KAWmunity. Standards need to be established. 👍

    BTW your stats suck too 👎

  4. [​IMG]

    Ur my sunshine!!

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  5. Idk dawg. OP has like 10x my stats in 1/10th the time. You're 100x the KaW player I will ever be, keep up the good work!?
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  6. Now U Suck 2
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  7. [​IMG]

    And so are you!!!

    ...jk, U Still Suck

  8. Thanks for the support.
  9. Your stats show that you have been in KaW for more than a year, have explored 20 lands in fatesands, fully explored all previous lands and opened one land in pallumen, but still with less than 550 mcs. No active spells and only one piece of equipment despite having a number of decent charms some at max level. Not able to scout to better understand your build because of dtw.

    I looked at your clan eb, and in your last eb, you hit 174 times with only 74b gold. Before that, you had at least 28 hours of non-activity in your clan (unless you were hopping) which is a very long time for someone so keen to grow their stats.

    Just seems like you’re not growing right.
    And please don’t war with these stats.

    So probably better to just focus on growing rather than worry about growing.