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  1. go look through your own achievements, this has been done several times over the years for several different needs. So, no the devs do not always put their cash ahead of the greater good.

  2. Do you think that no aid is given to India already?

    Further more, we did help Indonesia with the tsunami effort, look it's in achievements
  3. No aid from kaw to India that ive seen.and how can you compare USA's welth with India?you can cut 0.1% from your weapons budget and problem solved.poor countries has nothing to cut on.as i said,the list could be long long long of countries that are in better need.set pressure on your gouverment,horrible and sad what happened but in my opinion your country can easy support this on their own,no need of financial help from the rest of the world.

  4. Bro 1. India's main issue is population not wealth
    2. Look at the Money already given across the Globe by the US,
    3. The US is no longer the top economic power in the world but we still give like it.
    4. If you don't want to support a cause, that is fully your right, And I completely respect that.
    I personally have donated to missionaries in India, Africa, Peru, Venezuela, Mexico,
    Philippines, Haiti, and other countries. I understand some are unable, that's ok but why
    limit those who can?

    Finally this is not ment to be a debate on weather or not the US helps other countries but weather or not we as a gaming community can help out with our little tap tap game money can help out someone. lets not confuse the two.
  5. Thats in the past. It wont happen in todays kaw.

  6. possibly, but nothing happens if you don't try.
  7. Check the news whats happened to India kateian(just an example whats happened as simular to USA),and most countries give money(more than USA give of their BNP).that was not the point here,other countries in bigger need was the point.think USA have more resources to help their own ppl than for an example India have.but as you said its up to each individual what they want to support,i keep supporting what feels best for me and if devs feels its priority to support what happened in USA then its fine by me

  8. THANKS FOR YOUR INPUT, very well put
  9. WTF should anyone be helping India?? What has India done for us?

    Indias the 2nd most populous country in the world and is one of the most resource rich countries
    globally. The oldest known civilization known to man (5k years) compared to USA 250 years

    ...please explain in detail what we owe to India and why 

    ....caste system where the bottom rung has ZERO rights?? Greatest disparity in wealth worldwide? Arranged marriages? rampant sexual violence (sexual slavery) ? forced labor (slavery)? etc etc etc

    Yeah right 
  10. Wow you really are a ignorant little boy.its not worth try to explain anything to someone like you.you are a lost case
  11. Only ten percent of any money raised must go to the cause, people make a good income collecting money and keeping it while making small donations to the cause

    It's better to donate directly to the people in need so they can buy beer with it

  12. Please limit responses to wether or not the KaWmunity should help out, let's take the "this country is better or not" to another thread. Thanks for responding though.

  13. I'm SPOT on topic ...responding to posts already made. If I'm off topic then the posts I'm referring/answering to are off topic so tell the others they need to stay on topic 1st.

    If you would've actually done that then I wouldn't have had to respond.

    You don't like what I have to say so now you're playing that ROC game....

    ....what I said stands SCREW India

    And if you want to donate to victims of Houston flood ...well like I said earlier I'm FROM HOUSTON if you're feeling that generous come drop a couple seals in the clan I'm in (lol) 

    As a matter of fact why don't you go drop a seal in every clan that has a resident of Houston in it ...it'll show you really care :)
  14. Best response should be to send someone there to coordinate the clean up and get essential services running .... someone with experience in this type of natural disaster
    What's George W Bush up to these days ... he's efforts in New Orleans was outstanding
    Maybe he can get some donations from the oil and weapons companies he helped in Iraq to make their fortunes
  15. Sorry but i have to smile every time i read the word 'weather' when its supposed to be 'whether' in a thread about...the weather.
  16. And no i dont think that ata should have to donate a portion of the money they get from your seal that you'd rather spend on a seal than donate to charity.

    In 2015 the US spent $598.5 BILLION on its military. Im sure it can fund its own relief efforts.

    If not, complain to your president, not the makers of a cell phone game.

  17. No one is complaining just trying to show good will to people in need. And idgad if I misspelled a few words you get the point
  18. Way to take the high road and prove how good a person you are

  19. Doing what they always do raising the price of gasoline at the pumps the day after,saying the refineries are shut down.Can never see the logic to this as the gas that is being sold was purchased months ago at the going rate back then.
    If that money was put into relief effort it wouldn't be too bad but instead it'll line the pockets of the execs.

  20. I love that idea...as we stand now here in north Texas gas stations are running out of gas and the rates are rising....Hmmmm
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