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  1. Over the years we have had several times where the devs and the kawmunity came together and raised funds for a cause. Being a Texan and in the light of recent events I think it's a good time for a similar happening to occur to help aid the people of Houston Texas. Thoughts?
  2. Donate your time and money directly to those effected, why bring a middle man into this?

  3. I am this weekend goin down to help, just thought maybe something like the tsunami effort would help too. Thanks for responding
  4. I was born and raised in Houston TX and I support this 100%.The devs should definitely run some type of fund for Houston relief because they need it
  5. I think it's a great idea to give help those affected by Hurricane Harvey. If devs set up a promo for this more could help.
  6. Where is Big Oil in the picture?
  7. whos harvey
  8. A big PINK bunny only James Stewart could see...
  9. Support  Still thinking about those in Houston
  10. I'm from Houston you can donate directly to me if you want to 
  11. Ye but devs want the cash for themselves man
  12. That would take away from those 60 dollar epic battles
  13. Support. I thought the same last night as I drove home and heard on the radio that this was the heaviest rainfall ever for a storm in the lower 48.
  14. As terrible as it is, these awful events happen all over the world.

    Donate direct to the relevant charities.

    What you are basically saying is that you personally wont donate yourself and instead want to buy imaginary stuff off here and expect ATA to cut their profit from your purchases.
  15. I will respond in my most fluent English to this question.

  16. Many kaw people are giving of themselves, helping fix equipment and rescuing stranded in Texas. We have a lot of kaw family in Texas that will need help. As part of our family, would be great if we could all pull together to help.
  17. rather support countries that are poor and where the money makes a difference.horrible thing that happened but you are a rich country.start a fb page where ppl can support with clothes,food etc.that probably help alot more right now.

  18. So to give a little clarity....Houston Texas is a city the size of the state of Delaware with 4 times the population of Manhattan, that just had close to 9 trillion gallons of water dumped on it and is under about 10 feet of water with millions displaced. It has nothing to do with weather or not they are more or less privileged, but simply about helping out people in need, we are talking about people that are diabetic and have no access to medications they need to stay alive, a city with almost it's entire water and food supply wiped out overnight. livestock, crops, businesses, homes, schools, churches all ruined. why not help, as far as facebook pages to help donate clothes etc, already underway, why stop there? why not donate a few bucks from a tap game to help out and enjoy our game at the same time?
  19. Why not help India that are strucked of the same disaster?or try to prevent that 300 children die every hour from starving?the list could be much longer.just said i rather support a poor country.
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