Honor amoungst the shadows

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  1. Fore warning this post is not me requesting the service of an assassin) nor is this post intended to rage against any specific person on but if you wish to share a story I encourage you to do so
    I believe in honor I've learned that you have to sometimes act dishonorable and as a monster to fight a monster....or a snake who bites from the shadow where you can't cut it's filthy head open

    Here's my question ... While I don't condone hiring another to farm for you in return for payment I fear in times of desperation where you can't fight your enemy for any number of reasons beyond ur control cowardice not being one of them

    There are ppl that promise to take ppl out for a seal assassins for lack of a better term ...or hitmen so obviously there is a danger of exposure are there any hitmen out there who several ppl can vouch for as honorable well...as far as it's possible to be honorable as a mercenary if there is one with honor I'd like to know of it as I stated sometimes desperate times hit us

    Freedom fighters- ppl that through total selflessness act in the defense of those in dire straits even tho idk your name you hold a special place in my heart ty for what you do and those you help

    Hitmen- you also should you have honor are invaluable service to those who in dark times need a brutal and ferocious retaliation ty as well

    I understand that ppl may not wish to post names for fear of retribution I believe that you'll b ok bc not many would support such actions and bringing those crimes to light may save others from being victims twice over
  2. I offered a rare golden raven in return for stripping the idiot on my wall, who is to big for me to fight him and all his clan.

    He saw my add in wc and dropped 21 tril in allies like the coward he is, keeping only 2 tril in allies.

    The person who took the job fulfilled their end of the bargain and i in turn I fulfilled mine and traded them the golden raven.

    Another guy tricked me and got a level 12 maxed icetail in return for belting him, but he was a coward and never even hit the guy once. So some coward out there has a level 12 icetail he never fulfilled his end of the bargain for.

    You live and you learn

  3. This is indeed the danger of hiring hitmen which is why I thought to make this post I might get good reception from ppl they might oppose my opinion that sometimes such ppl are necessary I'm ok with that maybe this post can serve as a blacklist for ppl that take advantage of others and a commendation for those that fufill their promised due obligation ppl should never agree to start what they can't finish and to those that have honor as hitmen it is perfectly ok to decline jobs bc of danger involved I'm sure no-one would fault you to the dishonorable someone at some point will become your monster
  4. Well I will say I’ve had people come to me a lot to help them deal with people farming them. Mostly because their farmers are to big for them to hit. So I take on their issue and resolve it, sometimes it can be resolved through talking and sometimes through fighting either way it gets resolved.

  5. This is true and ty for helping someone from pure goodness I hope to address the darker side ie the requests of ppl who've been wronged seeking purely offensive retaliatory actions on bullies bigger than them I wish not to discuss the ethics pertaining to what merits this action that's for individuals to decide

    On the other hand I would feel honored if "freedom fighters-" that wish to be named to come forward if you are the type of person that's willing to intervene on a stranger's behalf I sincerely appreciate your love for ppl
  6. I have always enjoyed helping those being bullied. I've met some of the best ppl in kaw that way.
  7. Then you are sincerely appreciated by a multitude of ppl even from ppl you've let to meet as I stated I'm not going to rage here but there was even a time where a snake much smaller than me in terms of fighting ability almost took me down the act was cowardly
  8. I ll hit anyone for the right price, and if Im not capable due to hit restrictions I have people who can hit for me. Its nothing personal, simply business.
  9. In times of peace i am willimg to be a hitman

    I haven't been asked in a long time so i have nothing to vouch for me but my tags which is more than enough.
  10. Which am I Chad??
  11. Who got your icetail?
  12. Who got your icetail?
  13. I thought this was a new clan tbh
  14. LSA found the attack button?
  16. Hits/strips for charms. Hmy for that deal