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  1. So bouncing off of the PvP event that just ended.

    I like the towers, and how to build them up and knock them down. So we are going to keep them, with one exception, each clan that volunteers gets one of those towers.

    Two methods of Sign up, clan sign up, triggered by 6 admins or the owner theirself can sign up.

    Annnd: personal sign up.

    This means, just because your clan is in a PvP event doesn’t mean YOU have to be in the PvP event.

    How to bring down a tower:

    By hitting the players in that clan who signed up for the event. The clan that hits those players the most when the tower falls gets X amount of Clan points.

    1 successful hit on a player near your CS total= 1 brick removed from tower.

    1 successful hit on a player weaker than you and not close to your cs total = Random chance of even taking out a brick.

    1successful hit on a player bigger than you and not close to you ca total = 2 bricks taken out with random chance of taking out a 3rd brick

    Clan points = Clan rewards at the end of the event.

    Personal points will be handed out by hitting players and getting drops from that. (Same mechanics as the PvP Blitz) So only steal and attack net drops and those drops can be stolen or attacked away.

    How to build up the tower

    Easy, by completeing Epic Battle’s.

    I HATE EB’s but this is my comprise. Though I will note, only those who casted, their hits will be the only one that matters to the rebuilding of towers.

    Basically = 1 hit on EB = 2 bricks for tower. If it is a premium it = 3 bricks. this is for all EBs weaker than the lowland eb thing.
    Points double for the stronger EBs.

    Tower collapsed now what?

    It will restore to 1/4 health after falling. If your clan is being pinned you better start spamming that blue hog.

    What about clans hitting friend or clans hitting sub clans.

    Reason why I added the brick taking out total thing.
    We can also net more points for taking out different clans.

    Such as:
    10 points for taking out a clan for the first time
    7 points for the 2nd time
    5 for the third time
    3 for the 4th time
    1 for every time after that.

    Cut off for joining this event should be enforced.

    You lose all points and will not be able to get clan rewards if you leave or are kicked from your clan when this event starts. UNLESS it is to leave when you are signing up for EE wars.

    Speaking of EE. Winning team players get double drop for 2 hours after winning a War.

    Thoughts, suggestions, ideas, support, or no support comments welcome.
  2. Yes thought is here hi
  3. I gotta say I like this would bring back clan events. I do like the idea very much in all aspects, great idea!!
  4. At this point in Kaw, I support anything clan based.
  5. This gave me an idea for clan towers, thank you, will make a thread after this war and quote yours
  6. Glad y’all like it and feel free to grave.
  7. Man, forums are dead.
  8. Yes, they are dead. This would essentially be the clan bank idea raised years ago. The recent event demonstrated it's possible. A common purpose / definable pvp objective would do wonders for clan loyalty and the game itself.

    But alas I'm afraid this would be about 4 years too late...
  9. This game is 4 years dead but at least I tired.

    Like I complain a lot and just jump down their throats so I like to balance it out by presenting good ideas that offer sound solutions to the problems that I am complaining about. So that they can ignore it completely and I can complain with a clear Conscience until the moment they forum ban me again.