Holiday Colors For Name’s in WC.

Discussion in 'Ideas + Feature Requests' started by ISS_VERSACEBLONDE_ISS, Oct 20, 2018.

  1. Would love to see updated sparkly holiday colors.
    Silver, Rose Gold , Gold,
    Shimmers. Red , Green, Black
    Liven it up a bit
    Gotta change with the times
  2. Support!!candy corn &/or Candy cane stripes :lol:
  3. Support, last big update with a design change was a long time ago
  4. Yes!! Can we have a nice Christmassy red? 
  5. Developer red?
  6. No theirs is to dark Christmas is bright red
  7. Sparkly or shimmer or glitter
  8. What exactly does that add to the game? red and green names in wc for Christmas....what if you don’t celebrate Christmas? you do blood read and brown for Islam? and pink for Buddhism?....dark green for krampus?...where does it stop?
  9. This is for fun. Not for politics. 
  10. New colours would be great.
  11. Says the statless alt
  12. Holiday happiness and cheer
  13. I’m not gonna give up. Ho ho ho️
  14. Support. Sounds like it could be fun.

  17. Stateless main