HoL vs LWF Osw Thread (May 2013)

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  1. and thereafter, iProphet listed a bank owned by DG.


  2. Please provide proof...please
  3. No offense iprophet,but you should be showing some proof too.

  4. off what? lol
  5. This thread is amusing
  6. Of the bank sold by who
  7. Where is your proof they are not DG's alt? :lol:
    Yeah, we have to take your word for it that all belongs to YAFI. We have to take your word for it that all your alts are on devices, just because you promised. Yeah, you must be thinking your words must be more right than everyone else on this forum I guess :lol:

    It is so easy to accuse others, then ask them to prove themselves innocent. ;)

    DG was with regs for a while before officially leaving. No other YAFIans were involved.

    What he discussed with Wulf, and what Wulf promised him for his help (which I believed were empty promises anyway), I know and I didn't want to support. Neither did any others from our clan wanted to support. I'm surprised you didn't even check this out with Wulf. And you claimed you had lots of information?

    As for myself, sorry, I am retired from KaW. I don't even bother about EBs nor EE wars. Too bad if your information sources never told you who I was before I sold my account to Ithaca ages ago for a good sum.
  8. Dont see why apple has to provide proof. You're the one who is making accusations. Selling 11 banks, funded by devs..... You drunk by any chance?
  9. Can you not see through the yafi bs? most can't so i don't blame you...

    I called them out for selling accounts to Regs....I have now said, two of those accounts are in my clan 46, and then i gave him the name of one in another clan i own....now why on earth would these accounts be in two of my clans...unless maybe it was me that bought them...and I'm pretty sure when someone buys an account it's not through ebay...So yeah tell me I don't know where they came from...whatever makes you feel cool mate

    LOL i'm well aware of how you are...while you were selling to ithica, i was selling to red...lmao...

    Come on dude....here's your chance to show all of kaw how wrong and full of it I am...show them proof that all of those accounts purchased belonged to DG and there's no arguing that can be done. I'll forever be shamed by someone who has retired from kaw, yet here they are posting away in it's forums...I'll probably rage reset. :lol:
  10. Lol. Always a plot twist.
  11. How can you prove they do not belong to GD?
  12. Well, I will leave you at that.

    This is the most hilarious post I have ever seen :lol: :lol: :lol:
    Putting a large list of information without proof, and asking me to prove it :lol: :lol: :lol:

    Which brings back to the point, you are still unable to point out which member sold the banks.
    Turns out I was right again, that you will spew out long forum posts to avoid answering ;)
  13. Retired clan owner posting in forums? Sounds legit to me.

  14. I know you ride the short bus so I'll type extra slow here. it was 15 banks that were sold, you'd see that if you weren't so slow. You'd maybe catch the sarcasm in the dev commit. You'd maybe even be able to read Wulfs post where he says it happened.

    Again like i said, he wrote the post as best as he could to save face, and I didn't protest it when he asked if that was a good enough response. My goal isn't to embarrass Wulf...it's to show how full of it yafi is...But i guess since you all can't get a hint, i can tell Wulf his post does not quench my thirst and he needs to post proper info.

    and it was you that sold the banks...APPLE SOLD THE BANKS....

    let me guess you want proof huh lmfao

    I don't have to proof anything lol,...You ain't proved a damn thing yourself beside you can talk in circles....but come one dude...how many account people in yafi bought...any of y'all stupid enough to buy one without even knowing who is selling? I didn't think so.

    bed time...I fully expect to wake up to all my allies...lol
  15. Retired from EBs and EE wars.

    Forums posting is hardly KaW. It doesn't take me long to post, and poke fun at certain players.
    I'm not the clan owner, I just happen to take the ownership temporarily :lol:

  16. how can you prove they did?

    night night :|
  17. Fair enough lol
  18. So both got no prove?wasted my bed time waiting.good night
  19. Wow, your statements has turned into all about you, your theories, your understanding (or rather twisting) of the statements by others and your statements now :lol:

    Yup, to you, kaw is about you and you only . :lol:

    Guess you must be embarrassed at having received so much inaccurate information :lol: :lol:
    And now you want others to prove them. Aren't you supposedly the one with all the information in the world, which means you have all the proof to show us right? :lol:

    Cute, aren't you? :lol:
  20. This is the statement of the century :lol:

    Cheers and toasts to someone who says he knows more than we give him credit for, but don't need to prove anything he says :lol: