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  1. The HOARFROST lands troop glitch...

    To gain this bonus one only needs to have 1 Level 1 attack of any of the 3 attack building choices in Hoarfrost Lands. This will give an extra 12 attacks for each full troops unload if there is one other attack building erected.
    The same goes for the spy glitch as well btw.

    Keep as is back end loaded for war or PvP.
    For EB's change the troops glitch to the 1st attacks on unloads instead of at the end.

    This gives Att builds some extra plunder to help offset Hansels eb plunder bonus. With the initial slower plunder drop that attack builds get from the front end loaded glitch the slower troop drop would make EB plunder pay more and be fair.

    I fully expect some ppl to say:
    - builds are a choice
    Retort is why should attack builds suffer?
    - no reason they should at the gain of Hansels
    What possible argument against this revision?
    - none unless Hansels r greedy and/or selfish

    In the end Attack builds will not be less desirable and will help bring back the balance.
  2. Add it. Most players don't wait on Hoarfrost glitch regens anyway, so it's a minimal change.

    In addition xtalling attack builds have a huge disadvantage already compared to hansels, as plunder decreases significantly per hit. It would allow attack builds to keep up better while xtalling.

    Full supportīŒŒ
  3. In addition those with the time and patience for skimming attacks can further benefit. This would make plunder much more equal for the effort required.
  4. My fav one is when you open new land and you gain some extra hits for a one time boost with troops.
  5. This has been a ongoing complaint for yrs,and it's not just gold but event drop rates also.I have had convo's with Charlie over this and he agrees there's a imbalance but nothing has been done and I don't expect anything to be done,too many have gone Hansel build to take advantage of this,also the anonymity that comes with a Hansel build.
  6. 1 thing at a time. Drops r for another day.
    As for the advantage its an imbalance that could be lessened to satisfactory levels.
  7. spy build is what it is a spy build i dont get it.Its alot more work to get a good hansel build.All attack builds do is whine.about spy buildsdont hate join us
  8. Are you seriously asking the devs to tweak a glitch to work in your favour? Talk about conceded.

    that's what I did years ago.
  9. Support, but I don't hold my breath, Devs are always giving hansels advantage over att builds. That's why att builds are becoming less desirable to builds unless you war
  10. As it is right now a BC eb build makes 2X what a bc att build makes without 50% eb plunder bonus from warring. It's dumb for a war based game. "Kingdoms At Ebs" might as well change the name now and stop the false advertising Devs
  11. The thing is, this is a "glitch". It was not an intended effect. If I am recalling the discussion correctly from when this was first discovered a couple of years ago (on the Hoarfrost lands), the programmers could not see how to rectify this problem without a major rewrite of code (which they were unwilling to invest the resources to do). So it stuck around as an unintended consequence. Given that the company did not want to invest the time to correct the underlying glitch, I seriously doubt they would invest the time in "reversing" the glitch to the top of the regen cycle. Just my two cents.

    And, for what its worth, the hansel plunder inequality is also an unintended effect--one the devs have been unwilling to rectify because it also involves a significant code rewrite.

    So there you go . . . . the unintended consequences of programming. Basically the response has been "deal with it."
  12. Hansels make around 30-40% more gold yes, but thing is around what? 30-40% of your cs being towers? Hansels may make more gold but are highly susceptible to losing it quickly. Tanks like who erus etc who have 1-1.2 B sdt I have problem even trying to assn(yes I've tried one erus went 0/2 when full with full % eq on). Stop whining. You make less but chances of you losing it is much lower
  13. So far this suggestion has gotten the predictable mixed reviews.

    One poster calls me conceded but I concede nothing.

    Other hansels make it a Tank vs Hansel pissing match which it is not. As I predicted the selfish point of view would occur whilst missing the boat it only decreases the advantage and not wipe it out which was all that was asked for. Skimming is what Attack builds expect if choose to make more gold but that's not an issue it's a choice.

    Another complains hansels make more and can lose more but omits banking is the solution to any build losing gold. Aah cannot hoard is behind that claim. Don't PvP simple. Don't build ADT simple. Furthermore he brings towers into the topic which has nada to do with anything related to this thread unless he is serious and not deflecting.

    If my suggestion is neither doable nor the devs wish to bother they can post here.

    Tunnel vision by some is very apparent.
    What does a hansel lose if this idea happened? Nothing
    I am open to why a hansel sees this differently unless its only a one-sided complaint.
  14. I'm not a Hansel I don't like this idea would allow you to tank longer in war since you'll be full longer.
  15. Read the thread. Glitch is not reversed for war or PvP only for EB's if possible.
  16. Yeh sorry I just seen that bit my bad. I'll be honest your idea isn't that bad just for EB's and I'm pretty sure it would be possible. Sadly I don't think anyone from ata actually cares anymore. All they care about is their next pay to win epic battle not actually fixing anything just my opinion of course.

  17. Yes I agree that my suggestion will go nowhere but it's just that a suggestion. KaW has shrunk and Wars are a forgotten aspect. Both the Devs and players to lesser degree have made this so.
  18. Why not just hire spy strength on ally market, you'll get the same effect, it's cheaper than changing build, and you get to skim attacks and assns, you even get good drops

  19. Give examples of this same effect.
    Eg give us some numbers.
    Otherwise no substance to your claim.
    BFA does not increase my eb plunder.
    All it does is I don't fail on big eb's.
  20. BFA reduces plunder, a quite known fact