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  1. And this thread wins the award for worst thread, not just for this contest but worst thread ever as punishment OP should be permanent forum banned and should pay each mod-judge a seal for obligating them to read it 

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  2. I have to say. I hate Todd and todd hates me, but these lamo forums are much more enjoyable with him around.
  3. I still got the most replies in this thread. That’s what matters. Hateful or not. :)
  4. There's a huge difference between people laughing with you and people laughing "AT" you

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  5. Thanks for bringing this to Active Topics. :)
  6. You're welcome

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  7. Dont mean to be rude but that incorrect
  8. Can you link another MGTD post from this event that had more? :)

  9. Beef OP is straight up Maury Povich/Jerry Springer material. She thinks any recognition is good. She's starved for another human beings attention ...narcissistic in a sociopathic way. The harder she tries the more bridges she burns, till one day she's left on a deserted island by herself stuck with being the person she insisted on being ...with no way to get back to the mainland where other people live. It's more sad then anything.

    IN B4 LOCK
  10. Imcorrect in the sense that hateful and positive recognition is good, what use is 5 pages of haters
  11. They caused this thread to be visible. That’s a win in and of itself. ;)
  12. I feel it depends on the purpose of the thread.

    If the thread's original purpose was to bait haters and make them work for you.

    You did good but sadly, I don't feel you're that kind of mastermind.

    Your original purpose was to get people to respond to your op. Assumably in a manner that would appeal to you as opposed to... *ahem* well opposing you.

    If it's any consolation. Your thread isn't bad, it's just a little, very innocent. But I suppose that resembles your character.
  13. Lol, oh Todd. You’re keeping it alive by posting this. Thank you so much. :)
  14. Hey if you take pride in being a carnival side show freak more power to ya Ima gonna load you up in my freak show wagon and take you across the countryside charge folks a nickel to gawk atcha 

    ...I'm writing threads about sociopaths and the differences between a clown and a comedian. You're providing me all the material I need. Thanx Clown 
  15. Keep bumping this thread with your pointless remarks. :)