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  1. Thank you. I’m glad you enjoyed it. What are your best forum times?
  2. I can tell you're not much for debating. You take any criticism personally and act like you're perfect, it's not a good image. Im not criticising you, Im criticising your actions (For good reason!).
  3. Lol, alright, xXD3mOnXx. What are your best times in forums? :)
  4. Honestly? I have never had good experiences in forums. My posts have often been deleted and my threads locked, and no action has ever been taken on developers side when it comes to mod abuse or ideas with huge support.
    I have seen extremely few really good posts, as majority of the high effort threads are simply nonsense with pretty colours and gifs.
  5. Any child can ask questions it doesnt take much intelligence.What really makes a thread stand out more than the rest and has that star factor and winning edge. Is one that includes creativity. AJ's thread's and storys all brought the forum crowds flocking to read his latest chapter of his kaw story book which included all the kaw members within it. AshesOfEden also brings forums to life and everything he writes draws the public in and makes forums the place to be. One person i miss being active on forums because when she was Lili dominated it and was Queen of forums.Her cleverly written cartoon storys,kaw calendars and her funniest of all threads her " Sting on i.s.s " blew forums up and everybody on kaw was hitting up forums to read what she was up too. Also the threads that stand out to me was AshesOfEden's moving gif story he did of LadyAsh versus Bellamorte in Jerry Springer style.I laughed so much and played it over and over
    .And another time what blew up forums with activity was when iProphet returned and wrote a interview thread asking him some questions.So much hate spilled on forums during that thread activity. And nobody can forget the saltyfeet dominance on forums he was so entertaining and no one has ever been able to replace him on forums still yet But my over all best memory on forums was the day Shifter asked me to marry him lol lol but that was shortlived he soon went back to being a wally :)
  6. That is why I left pictures and gifs out of this post. But I filled it with something that could strike up dialogue, which it did. You replied, I read your reply. I would attest that I would love to see little to no locks. Everything should be seen and commented on by everyone if they so choose. The active topics should be active, not have a few a day. Fight for the chance to be in AT, so make a better thread. I am in total support of allowing anyone and everyone to create threads and not have them locked. We need to engage each other apart from WC, and we need to create something bigger. It’s ok to troll every once in a while, but don’t make that your thing. Cooperate to make the forums blossom once again.
  7. Whats a wally
  8. And last thing if you like war threads so much. How comes in the osw between The Strippers Club versus los / blood orchid you never wrote any osw war thread? Because i was in that osw in 2012 and you never wrote any to incite friction and rivalry between the clans?
  9. It's a idiot in u.k slang
  10. Oh yes, I remember salty. He was a character. Some of the best responses came from him. Lol. I am very interested to see forums pop again. That was one of the best things about KaW. Apart from the reset button, of course. Oh, and the CF threads? Don’t even get me started. Haha. Those were hilarious to read and made my day. Many others too, I’m sure.
  11. You buttered tooth brit
  12. Did Bella just concede ? OMG the colors have done something?? Quick close your eyes !!
  13. So, colors are a good thing? Also, what are your best times in the forums?
  14. I disagree. I don't think any of these people made very good threads. Entertaining at times, good social media posts perhaps, great memes, but no good threads.
  15. Demon what would be a good thread ?
  16. I wrote a lot about osw, but imo those clans were and are irrelevant. When I did osw, I put in a lot of effort to hide my identity, tz, accounts and so forth. To this day most people on here dont know my identity, so it must have worked.
  17. Good, detailed suggestions
    Well organized community events
    Sparking interesting, intellectual discussion
  18. So, just topics about making the game better and community events? Can you elaborate? That would make forums pretty dull though, just those two topics, don’t you think?
  19. It's three types of threads, not two. And it's not just two topics. There are endless topics in these areas. Not sure what you want me to elaborate on.
  20. Can you elaborate on what you mean by well organized community events. And I apologize, the lack of punctuation in your comment said something other than what you meant, it was hard to follow. I assumed you wanted those two topics to spark interesting, intellectual discussion. Also, can you give examples of different topics in those two areas of those two threads?