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  1. My Entry Into MGTD Competition

    So, I have reconsidered this challenge and thought I would ignite the forum community to get loud and to open up dialogue. My question to the forum community is simple. Why do low effort threads clog up Active Topics when topics aren’t being created in the first place? You have a handful, but more tend to get locked so people can’t post. So what exactly do they “clog” up?

    I pose this question for two reasons. The first being my belief that it doesn’t matter what the content of the topic is, it’s supplying the forum community with another topic instead of curbing it to specific and selective areas. It could be about unicorns or Borg, but maybe that interests someone into further discussion. The second reason is more of a question, does having low effort threads eat up space on some server somewhere? Pretty simple. I want to know why people can’t have discussions whether they’re of little interest or not.

    On a side note, I want to hear about your best times within the forum community also in addition to your opinion on my question. I’ll gladly post my most memorable favorites in the comments and I hope you all do the same. Funny, angry, witty, carefree, whatever thread you find most appealing, I want to hear about it.

    Lets do this KaWmunity. By the way, I didnt post images or gifs because I wanted to keep it simple and colorful, like our wonderful community we have here. Many bright personalities, many not so bright, but all part of the color that we all share. Unless youre colorblind, of course. *Humor*
  2. I'm color blind :mad:
  3. I just had a seizure reading that last paragraph. Please make this thread the winner!

    But yes, too many “low effort” threads keep getting dragged out. Would be great to see someone lock them immediately instead of letting them get dragged out or necro-bumped.

    I haven’t had many great times in forums. But I always enjoy reading any that ask questions for the community to answer.

    Great thread!
  4. Because low effort or high effort is irrelevant. What does matter is:
    -Thread sparks discussion
    -Subject is relevant
    -Thread presents facts
    Coloured text, images, gifs all might make the thread look better but they do not make a good thread. Your thread for instance would have been better without the horrible colours. I know a lot of people here like thread creators like AOE, but their threads honestly sucked. Nothing of value there, just random crap made to look nice.
  5. Drugs are bad

  6. It's better then her usual thread ie: take a recent headline then add ..."uhhh duhhh what do you think uhhh duhhhh" ...afterwards

    IN B4 LOCK
  7. Keep the thread on topic/don't derail things please.

    One of my favorite moments... I have a lot of fun little story and tidbits, but there's one that's famous enough to not require a bunch of context. This must have been 2011-era.

    A random player made a nasty, bypass-filled comment in the forums. Rather than delete it and ban the player from forums, kaw_admin edited it to a screen and a half long novel-esque description of a dark, dreary scene...and then ended it with "I bypassed the filter" or something. I'd offer an ss, but don't have a charger for my old iPod on hand :(

    I'm not sure I'd recommend that as a method for dealing with it, but it was definitely pretty hilarious.

    Then there's always "we do read the forums, please don't bypass the filter" moment :lol: used to be best of I think, but I can't find it now. That ss is also trapped on an old iPod.
  8. Why is it a fail? Can you actually stay on topic for once?
  9. Can you stop trolling every single post I make and stay on topic?
  10. Mods, this is precisely one issue I had with creating an entry into this competition. There should be an insta-ban whenever these specific players with a history of derailment and harassment continue with their derailment and harassment.
  11. Really there is no reason why any thread gets locked unless low interest and or request by op. Who really cares if the thread goes off topic? It’s the op job to keep the tread on topic. There is a thin line of what a forum mod decides to keep active. I do believe that it’s the op right to decide when to lock but that isn’t necessarily the rules.

    I don’t think that devs are worrying about blocking up servers especially with all the dead clans still around. I also don’t know how long before locked threads are purged from the servers if they are at all. Most likely still found in archives. Maybe a mod could ask a dev these questions.

    And to your third question.....moose used to post threads that had some spirited debate. Those were fun. Lately I’ve enjoyed the debates I’ve been having with you Bella and side kick Ella. These for me have been fun even though some have taken the wrong turns through the way. Not sure what you are trying to accomplish with the color text but you might have been on LSD when writing ?
  12. Be careful what you ask for. I’m just saying that you are also guilty of the same behavior. Posting this comment doesn’t have anything to do with the topic. Just saying
  13. The title of the thread you're talking about is Winrar. It is in best of.
  14. See, I like it from you too, except when you have to throw in your little personal attacks, which that is really the main reason any thread gets locked. It’s fine to go a bit off topic considering there are variables to literally everything, but if we’re talking about cats, and someone goes on to talk about horses, that’s obviously straying too far. But if someone talks about cat accessories, that’s still technically off topic, but still in the general vicinity of the original topic.

    My main goal in any forum is to strike up dialogue. Which is exactly what I do. Whether it be negative or positive, it still creates dialogue. I also enjoy our chats and occasionally they do take that wrong turn, but overall, it’s nothing too crazy. Up until the point personal insults and attacks are what have become of the thread. I’d like to continue sparking debate. It opens up people more than an “about me” thread. You learn more about the person you’re conversing with and you can get their mindset on certain things. As for the color, it pops. I wasn’t on LSD, never have tried that actually. I just thought color would draw people in. :)
  15. I have many favourite funniest and best threads. You tell us yours and then i will write mine [​IMG]
  16. I kindly ask you to stay off the awful colours. Its difficult to read and annoying.
  17. My favorite types of threads would have to be any thread that a clan created during OSW to taunt or initiate drama against the opposing clan. Generally, the opposing clan would create one of their own, and it would be that way for a while. That’s some of the best times I have encountered in forums. Of course you have a few funny stories, but for me, a war game is about war. And these clans back in the day went above and beyond with their OSWs. Nothing like today, today they just hit and think that’s sufficient. No effort or low effort today compared to 4+ years ago. ;)
  18. This is debate. Its just not the debate you wish to have.
  19. I’m sorry you feel that way. I will take it into consideration. Thanks.