Hitchhiker's Guide to the KaWlaxy

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    No support
  2. Ok, FC stuff removed and info added to make it more comprehensive for new players.
  3. i'm panicking. what should i do?
  4. May I suggest...
  5. that won't help!

    the correct answer was:

  6. :lol: :lol: Well played!
  7. Where were you 4 years ago?????
    Nice way to help new players!!!
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    Who can really be bothered
  9. Beautifully done, Daphia.
  10. Good thread, however, just one thing to make it brilliant. You forgot.


    As the very first line

    I love these books and have vowed to always own them in paperback. Read the series over 12 times. If you haven't read them, I highly suggest it.
  11. "Always carry a Towel"