Hitchhiker's Guide to the KaWlaxy

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    Future Combat: Patriots at War Important Thread List

    Our game may be gone but our forums live.. Here is a list of the most important and useful threads from our game. I hope KaW forums can appreciate the work and time that went into making these threads.

    From "Best Of" Sub-Forum

    The Future Combat Build Guide by Von_Holmes

    FC Build Calculator by -DK-

    Battle Mechanics by Daphnia

    Jester King of FC by fc

    The FC Handbook by Hazzernator

    Build Types and Mechanics by -DK-

    From "Strategy" Sub-Forum

    FAQ: Future Combat Basics by ShadyMarine

    Abbreviation/FC language guide by Mr_Bluejay

    Complete Missions Guide by Potter

    Stripping Percentage Lost Per Raid by IlIlIlIlI-MoS-3lack3ear-MoS-lIlIlIlIlI


    From "Wars" Sub-Forum

    RWC Medal Ceremony - Official Wrap-Up Thread by fc

    SWAR History of FC by Daphnia

    From "Other FC Discussion" Sub-Forum

    The Last BBCode Guide by Potter

    Guide for Forum Pictures and Quirks by Potter

    One-Stop Guide Shop by Potter

    IN HONOR OF MACK by urial

    From "Off Topic" Sub-Forum

    Hazzy's Hideout by Hazzernator

    it's been 2 years.. by Potter

    The Daphnia Thread Series'

    Daphnia wrote a great many informative threads including the incredible SWAR History of FC. But these threads below are her threads that are all a part of a set.

    PAST COMBAT Thread Series

    May 2014

    Mid-June 2014

    July 2014

    FC Interviews Thread Series












    I hope this shows you how much history we had in our game and thank you for accepting us into your future KaW.


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    Great post daph!! I wish I had this guide when I was transitioning from farmville to kaw!
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    Nice work, alot of effort
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    Gr8 job der daph
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    Sticky this asap.
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    Another great thread from daph! Hopefully you still with be in forums a lot
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    Awesome job Daph  this should help a lot of ppl.

    When I started new accounts, I would always do 12CoE n 12Guilds. Then start opening lands aggressively. As you open lands, I used to throw down guilds (lvl 4), as you noted dues to GH changes for wars, lvl 1 SoS may work better now. This helps to get decent plunder very quick and you don't have to plan your final build yet since these are cheap to tear down in the end.

    Another helpful hint is that Haunt (therefore HTE too) requires 50m raw atk stats to hit relatively successfully. So set this as an early goal to achieve via bldgs n equip (even lower lvl equip if needed). If you are close, but not quite 50m then doesn't be afraid to use the 1mith atk spell called battle fury. This will give you a temporary attack boost when you are too small to when on bigger ebs. Note that mith cost change with you size (the bigger you get, the more expensive it becomes). So definitely buy 6 (maximum purchasable amount with gold) as soon as you ug to lvl 3 castle and also only use when you are small on ebs that are worth the mith investment (ie mith cost 450m per mith; eb should make triple by the end to recoup what you spend on mith to hit).

    Hopefully that helps some as well 
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    Last time I tested it Haunts took 30mil raw attack stats to hit successfully and I learned this when equip first came out. I could be wrong but I don't see why they'd change it 
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    This is a really good thread, OP.
    I'd say welcome to KaW but you appear like you've already learned the basics.
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    Also, I found when I started that the minimum spy bldgs needed before equipment to successfully hit all ebs was either 4 lvl 4 guild or 2 lvl 3 SoS. However this is a minimum. As Daph stated spies are much more important here. They don't increase your FH plunder as much as atk bldg but the compensate greatly on the back end payout of ebs. So much so that my hansel accounts grow much more quickly than my attack accounts.
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    What a wonderful thread Daphnia, I'm glad I can get off the fllor now and take off the paper bag...though it did help with the hyperventilating

    *puts paperbag back on*
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    Attack llama?! Who knew!  Nice thread for beginner FC transfer players. 
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    Nice thread and helpful guide to transitioning players from FC my friend.
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    Also I'd suggesting searching for the "kawculator" it will help you figure your build in the long run.


    Disclaimer: As I am not entirely sure if this represents a 3rd party app if any mod sees this and believes it does please delete this post.
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    Lmao at the translator 

    Good job daphy ️
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    Nice thread! This will a sticky thread to help our friends transition over to KaW :-)
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    This would work fine for GaW vets too, good job OP
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    Great thread to get fcers to start up
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    Your guildhansel stats are way incorrect