History of the Osiris vs Ya_Judgment_fi (part 2)

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    Part one of my history seems to have struck a nerve, especially considering all the pms (and a bit of farming) I got by both sides and some third parties. Some of the information was helpful, some contradictory, but I will try to sort it out the best my little mind can.

    One comment I often got was: "You can't do part 2 without talking about RedStar/AHH/Zaft/(insert clan here). I know the story about the second war is more convoluted, but I feel it is better to focus on the two clans that everyone first associates with this war, and in my humble opinion, that is still Osiris and Ya_Judgment_fi. Indeed it is these two clans that do the lion's share of trash-talking on WC and the forums. Maybe someone more gifted and with more time and explain the whole Zaft/Judgement thing or the RedStar thing, but it wont be me here in this history.

    Now for the anxiously awaited part two.

    To recap part one, the Ya_Judgment_fi alliance clan were basically two clans Wilders (judgment) and IC (yafi) who had two separate beefs with Osiris. This all came to ahead when Romeo decided to strip timothy for hiring his allies. The strip war lasted just under two months, and ended when Osiris posted a thread apologizing for Romeo's actions.

    The Aftermath: Who won the first war?

    This is a difficult to answer. Osiris posted the thread because they got tired of fighting mostly pinned spy alts day after day. Sure they stripped far more off of Yafi than they did off of them, but Yafi had succeeded in scaring off lots of fair-weathered Os-, and disrupted the EB growth of the entire clan. If the goal of Yafi was to bore and annoy Osiris, then they had succeeded.

    However Yafi had told everyone that their goal was to fight back against the big, bad war mercs of Osiris, such as Ncks, Romeo, and Strawberry James. The fact is however, was that yafi at that time had nowhere near the firepower to take on such big names, so they just stripped smaller Osiris builds that had never merced outside of Osiris, such as Os-elfairy, nighthunter, and horomi. The bigger builds were mostly left untouched, while the smaller, innocent builds took their wrath. Therefore, if the goal of Yafi really was to "extract justice", they ended up failing.

    Postwar Activity: Osiris

    After the war Osiris was doing what almost every other big clan was doing: chasing after shiny purple swords. However, at this time Osiris underwent a major change in leadership under StrawberryJames.


    James is one of most highly entertaining characters of Kaw. Always a loose canon in Osiris, he would regularly spam the wc with strawberries, or ask his Kaw girlfriends to marry him in the WC banner. His antics and brash personality instigated a rift between the members of Osiris, with the Singapore members on one side and the European members on the other. However when Denz, Rob, and Aprily became no-shows, James seized leadership of the clan by spending almost 5000(!) USD over the two month period on strips.

    Having James (and a certain extent Arm) lead Osiris instead of Rob did have certain advantages. Unlike Rob, James put the clan first. I'm sure Rob was proud of his clan, but its welfare came after his own growth. Rob was obsessed with climbing up the leaderboard, but when it became apparent to him that he couldn't push much higher than the rank of 40, he became disinterested in Kaw and aloof from his clan, focusing instead of making secret alts that he even used to farm members of his own clan.

    James was entirely different. Despite being bullied criticized by his own clan, he was determined to build it back up into the powerhouse it once was. While Rob couldn't be bothered to enforce or even make rules. James set up definite guidelines and goals for new recruits to meet. James never gave a tinker's dam about his LB ranking, instead he focused on making himself into the deadliest spy build he could be and planting moles in all the big clans so he could get eyes and ears everywhere. He worked tirelessly and spent wads of his own money on the game, and for that I feel he deserves a bit of respect.

    Unfortunately for James, however, post-war Osiris was reduced to a clan that struggled to keep a top-50 ranking, and without the non-dtw pwar advantage they used to have, the road back to the top would be steep.

    Postwar Activity: Yafi and Judgement

    Unlike Osiris, however, postwar Ya_Judgment_fi was far more colorful.


    Yafi had a ceasefire with Osiris, but Judgment, which was one of the stripbank bases, didn't. They tried to sucker Osiris into a war by strip farming Os-Ares, but the wounded Osiris would not take that bait so easily. Eventually they left Osiris alone to deal with a small little problem they had with Zaft. :lol: lol


    Throughout the war, yafi claimed they were merely seeking justice against the big, bad, LB bully Osiris. Therefore one would think that with Osiris reduced to the bottom of the top-50 clans and a cease-fire in place, Yafi would disabandon and go their separate ways.

    No such luck. Having tasted osw success, they decided they wanted more and went on a kaw farming rampage. This became known to all of Kaw in a very public way after a certain infamous incident.

    Now it is impossible to write about this incident without getting the thread locked (believe me,I tried) so forgive me for being vague. Basically, a certain player revealed in the forums with ss from a player who informed her that her clan could never beat Yafi, because Yafi had, how shall we say, "a special Santa Claus" giving them free nobs and gold for strips. This started a avalanche of criticism until the "special Santa Claus" himself said it was all baloney and preceded to lock all threads about it. (Curiously enough, the yafi player who made the claim was not banned....hmmm). Later Yafi made their own thread where they said the buy their nobs just like everyone else. Either way, the incident gave Yafi a recognition to all of kaw that was usually reserved for IG or Blackhand.

    The Second War: What triggered it?

    For four and a half months Osiris worked hard building alliances and their clan back to somewhere near its formal level. They even staged and won a system war against Black Team! However, their peaceful days were numbered, as alliances began to call in favors.

    Yafi at the time decided to take on Cella and Redstar, and stripped a player in AHH who they believed was a Redstar alt. Unfortunately, it wasn't an alt. Inter was pissed off,

    and called in a favor from James to once again join AHH in a strip war against Yafi. James, of course, was not in favor of having the cease-fire in the first place, so he dragged Osiris back into war with Yafi.

    Was it a smart move? That is hard to say. Osiris went to war because Inter called in a favor, but I'm not entirely convinced Osiris owed him anything in the first place. James may have been ready to war, but it sure didn't seem like the rest of the clan was, especially considering all the huge players they lost (Aprily, Lionheart, virginsurgeon, etc).

    While James was a substantially better leader than Rob, he did have his downfalls. First he was a rich guy who could buy nobs with the best of them, but never really realized that not everyone in the clan could keep up with him. Therefore while he was all up and ready to fight Yafi again, he failed to notice the clan members that were still licking their wounds. Second, he has always been a bit impulsive, a hit-first-then-think kind of guy. Perhaps he was too hasty this time as well?

    On the other hand, Osiris had AAH with them, and Judgement was tied up in their Zaft war, so perhaps the odds are in their favor?

    The Cambji incident

    Well the war started and things went as they always did. Osiris thrashed Yafi, stripping trillions. Yafi, of course couldn't harm a tank like Os-Nckz, so they just farmed the smaller accounts like they always did, trying to cut the morale of Osiris. They were led this time by Cambji, who was only there for half of the first war. He was all in this time, however, and was the bank that stripped several accounts. He stripped Os-Horomi three days in a row, until she just gave up and disappeared into the osw abyss. The problem with Cambji, however, was that he was unhittable. Always dtw, no matter what time of the day it was.

    People became suspicious. How can a guy stay pinned three weeks straight? Complaints were made and the devs decided to act, banning cambji for a day. Given that opening, AAH and Osiris wasted no time stripping Cambji for what has been the biggest strip of the war so far: an estimated 20 trillion. Yafi of course has cried foul, saying that Cambji was banned unjustly and that Osiris are crooks, so the war goes on and on.

    The Damage so far

    In osw nobody ever really wins, everybody loses. For Osiris and and Ya_Judgment_fi, the damage has been about 80 trillion slost by Osiris players and 150 t lost by Yafi players. Who is the villian here? Well Yafi could be right, maybe Osiris were bullies. Maybe having so many leaderboard players concentrated in one clan was not healthy for the game. However, one could also argue that Yafi and Judgement went to far. Did all those fine warriors have to pay because Romeo and Juliet did something stupid? Are you really still doing this because you want to defend Kaw, or all you just butthurt because so much was stripped from you? Osiris has offered to system war you many times, why not take them up on the offer and finish this in one, final battle. Pistols at dawn, so to speak.

    And one final parting shot....

    Yoongy of Judgment. Osiris knows you are still angry that Rob kicked you out all that time ago. But guess what? Rob isn't playing anymore. He's moved on, and so should you.

    Well, I hoped you enjoyed these threads. I've told about 80 percent of what I know. I can't tell all without revealing some of my other accounts, and if I did that I would have about 8 clans farming my butt. Perhaps I will let you the readers fill in the blanks, such as the Zaft/Judgment war.

    I'm done for now. Happy trolling.
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    You seem Hella biased in this thread. Wasn't too great of a read like the first
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    Man i love this. Good info, though u sound more towards YAFI than OS
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    It is difficult to pick sides here. I feel Yafi did have some good reasons for going against Osiris, but those reaons got lost over time. No matter how bullying the Osiris leaders were, they ended up paying the least in this fight, while the middle builds kept getting it in the shorts.
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    I also feel Judgements reasons are a bit lame. They basically wanted revenge, especially Yoongy. Yafi had better reasons.
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    Yeah op you seem biased like fox news. Maybe you should stop making these pointless threads about the war and just EB like yall always do in you EB clan.
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    So which is it? Am I biased towards Osiris or am I biased towards yafi? lol And lets be honest. Yafi is spending more time hitting their ebs than they are hitting Osiris. The fight is 90 percent on the forums now.
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    Interesting....very interesting
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    Just because your name is philosopher on this game doesnt make you a philosopher lol. Stop acting like you know every bit fact about the war cause you dont knkw nothing. Itll be better if yiu just shut it and EB in your EB clan :lol:
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    Many of us would love to see that ss mentioned....Yafi there seems a bit perturbed...id expect they will all be here smashing on this shortly...
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    Another noob from osiris *sigh*
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    Talk with your main kid.
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    Osiris big mistake was all the mercing. No good ever comes from Mercing. They were asking for trouble.