Historic Thread Safeguard Service

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  1. Ahhhhh. Those threads bring back some memories, and old forumers/players too.
  2. Free Swabia!
  3. Haha. I remember when everyone in wc got silenced for that. And their were 10 plus threads stacked saying free swabia.
  4. There were so many threads lol

    Remember how all threads went to a category of graveyard?

    Under Board INdex at the bottom, you could still read locked and deleted threads :D
  5. And the sucky thing is the devs never took the strike off our accounts for the silence even though they unsilenced us and admitted they ****** up
  6. Wow,

    I got silenced for saying what the time was were i was 0.o
  7. I am in love with this thread.
  8. This thread is so out of date, it ain't funny. Op is a bit lazy.
  9. Oh yah, but its still pretty good.
  10. Wow,this is a piece of history right here
  11. Im pretty sure sholron went inactive. Not sure though.
  12. I think he's still kicking. Idk tho
  13. ^Hes around every once in a while
  14. Lazy? Inactive? How insulting. I am most certainly not inactive.

    Consider this thread dead for the moment, as I have no intention of updating it for a long while.
  15. There he is! :lol:
  16. Now taking suggestions for additions to this thread. Remember, Historic or Humorous, either works

    Sholron, Far Alrahien Shan

  17. And current list will be checked within the next 12 hours for broken links and etc..
  18. Newly Deceased Threads:

    Knights of the Fire Emblem Clan Thread
    VooDoo Rising Clan Thread

    Swabia's Castle Code Thread
    Willy's lv3 Castle Guide
    Apherium: An Interview

    Not as bad as I suspected originally :D
  19. Additionally, since they tend to get lost anyway, I'm setting up a "Wars" section so we can see all the deleted war threads :lol: