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  1. Because of the sheer mass of pointless noob threads making it near impossible to find historic and important threads, and knocking them back to oblivion, I have decided to compile a list of links to the important/historic/huromous threads of KaW, so that they may never be truly lost. If you have suggestions, post them here, and see if you can't find them to either bump them or tell me what forum section/page they're on, so I can take note of the link.

    Ancient Clan Threads:

    Knights of the Fire Emblem

    Writing and Fiction:

    GlooMi’s Guide to Writing
    KaW Fan Fiction Story Archive
    The Writer’s Café
    Endgame (by Seth)
    Dragon Tale (by Utho)
    Innocence (by Irin)
    Atlantric: Unknown (by Storallelite)
    Some of my Poems and Thoughts (By Colonial)
    Inanna's Backstory


    How To Train Your Ahdragos*
    The Wandering Villager Joe*
    The AntiGuide V2

    Mechanics of Yore:

    Raven’s Strategy Guide Part I*
    Raven’s Strategy Guide Part II*
    KingHawkeyes Guide to Success^
    TZ – Scrim: Insight on Plunder Bonus*
    SC’s Plunder Cap Guide*
    Determine your Build Guide (by Blumpy)

    War Threads:

    From Laoda to UC/Allies
    LR Alliance vs BH Alliance
    LR Alliance vs BH Alliance Strip Catalogue
    IG Civil War I
    IG Civil War II
    BH vs Clan A Family^
    Osiris vs YAFI I
    Osiris vs YAFI II
    Regulators vs Foxes^
    ZAFT vs APOC 2013 I
    ZAFT vs APOC 2013 II
    ZAFT vs APOC 2013 III
    ZAFT vs APOC 2013 IV
    ZAFT vs APOC 2015 I^
    ZAFT vs APOC 2015 II


    War Stripping Debate*
    What Banning Pwars Means^
    EBs and EEs during OSW
    On Tower Builds

    Oldest Thread I Could Find (Attacking Etiquette)*
    Boomy’s Time Capsule*
    Blumpy’s Bar and Grill*
    Toast’s Guide to Quests*Stickied*
    Corinthian’s OSF^
    Mccc’s OSF (Original OSF)*
    Benny’s Modship Intro Thread*
    The ORIGINAL Spragga Thread*
    Boomy’s New Terms For Farming^
    iG’s Current Stats (A Great War Thread)*

    Deceased Threads: moved Here

    ^ Locked Threads
    * "Best Of" Threads
    Note: I do not add "Best Of" threads to this list. Any "Best Of" threads were part of this list prior to being moved to the "Best Of" section

    Most recent edit: 6/27/2015
    Checked Links
    Reorganization of thread and addition of sections
    Added Threads:
    All War Thread Section threads
    EBs and EEs during OSW
    On Tower Builds
    Inanna's Backstory

    As of January 10, 2017, all links are active
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  2. Ah yes, I also have the OSF/ASF thread(by nyalith)
  3. Blumpys Bar? Originally MR thread?
  4. I'm currently looking for that one. I know that's a huge one.
  5. I'll try and find it on PC later today.
  6. Kk, thanks!

    And a correction, I thought the iG one was titled "hmmm" but it's actually "iG the legendary myth"
  7. Hmm...you think TZ Coffee House Chat Room warrants saving? I was never on it, so I don't know
  8. I know a way to get an archive link of KaW Town page 1.
  9. Kaw town wasn't historic IMO
  10. I was never part of it but I'm pretty sure it scorned the slightest recognition for the most posts in jkaw? Either TN3U or kaw town...

    [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] Gotta' Click Em' All!!
  11. Kaw town was deleted 
  12. If you need help finding any threads just ask.. I'll use my super awesome abilities to find it
  13. I'm getting really tired of these eggs
  14. You mean the search tab on the computer? 
  15. KaW Town= no.

    I've just finished going through all the threads in the Alliances section, so they're safe
  16. Bump, because some threads deserve to live!!

    (I'm not referring to this one at all, btw, it's just a neccessary evil)