Hippy's guide to Indi Lowland

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  1. Hi all,

    I've noticed that the overall knowledge in the Kaw community is relatively low

    So I figured I would make a little guide to make it easier to war in Lowland

    First off, if you don't read anything else, please read the next part about builds. I've seen a lot of pretty bad builds in lowland it makes your team play at a HUGE disadvantage. Section 1 is about Builds and section 2 is about what to do and I have a separate post about troop and spy loss mechs

    Section 1: Builds

    You get 24 lowland buildings. You are a hansel if less than 25% of your non tower buildings are troop buildings. You are a tank if more than 75% of your non tower buildings are troop buildings. You are a hybrid if 25%-75% of your non-tower buildings are troop buildings

    The main reason why hybrids are useful in war is because they can attack hansels that have zero gold. If a tank tries to attack a zero gold hansel (even if the hansel has full troops) the hansel will be dtw. But if you cast hybrid you have to spend buildings on Strongholds of Shadow (sos) which limit the number of towers and troop buildings you have.
    Builds in lowland today:

    Notation: 12/3/4/5 means 12 COE, 3 adt, 4 SOS, 5 SDT

    Hybrids: Minimum 12 Circle of Elements (COE), minimum 2 ADT (you dont have as many COE so you need ADT to not get skimmed down), minimum 4 SOS (to be a hybrid), minimum 4 SDT. This leaves 2 free buildings. Note that if you build a 13th COE you will need to build another SOS to keep HYB mechs. My recommendation is going 12/3/4/5 or 13/2/5/4 if you want to be more aggressive. Some hybrids like going 15/0/5/4 or 15/0/6/3 and I'm not a fan of this because they are not only easy to assn down and eat but its also easy to use ps1 to dive troops on these hybs and get them into a skimmable range very quickly

    PS1: This is a very aggressive build and should only be casted if a lot of people are casting tanks and you are FAST and ACTIVE. if PS1 go down opposing ps1 can STEAL your repin and opposing hyb can ATK your repin for very easy gold. Its very likely you will leak a STEAL KO (pays around 35m) or an attack ko (pays around 30m) which is very very bad. The only PS1 build is 1/0/23/0 with a Titans Lair instead of a COE. Please be ACTIVE and ready to SPAM your regens if you war as PS!

    Tanks: This is the most common build in the top bracket now. You need a minimum of 14 COE, minimum of 1 ADT, MAX of 1 SOS, and minimum of 5 SDT. This leaves 3 buildings for your choice. DO NOT cast TANK with more than 1 SOS. your spies will fail almost every action regardless. 5 SDT makes it so that 5 SOS hybrids have around a 30% chance to win assn. The 6th SDT will lower that to 15-25% (haven't tested, just estimating). This build is very good if you can be on PC or phone. You can tank troops and eat regens and make a TON of money

    PS: Dont cast ps in war. Please. PS1 is much better. The only thing you can do assn down targets. if you steal or hit repins opposing team gets tons of free attacks if they catch you and a mistake like that can single-handedly lose your team the war

    Anything else: Don't cast without changing to one of the builds above

    Section 2: What to do before, during, and after a war

    BEFORE WAR: Remember to cast spells that you might want to have for the war, like the hiding allies spell. You CANNOT cast spells after matchup. Make sure your buildings are fully upgraded. Make sure your build is correct. Set an alarm to not miss initials. You know, things that make you someone people actually want to war with.

    DURING WAR: You might have a wc(war commander). You hopefully will have a WC, and not one who just tells you to ako a 15/3/1/6 tank whos at 100% troops just because hes zero spies(zs). This is usually a bad idea since it will cost 4-6 full bars of troops for a pretty small expected payout (50m ish if you if you miss the ako, 75m if you get it with someone near full troops) which is not worth it in most circumstances.

    Each build wars a lot differently and this will all depend based on the team compositions of each side but theses are general guidelines I start from. I have by far the most experience with ps1 so ill comment about when to xtal and what to do on xtal but for the most part its not obvious when to xtal hyb/tanks/ps

    Hyb with 5+ SOS: You are jack of all trades, master of none. If you have 14+ COE, you have raw eating power similar to a tank but definitely less of the defensive benefits. You can hit banked ps1 with attacks, but you are at high risk of getting eaten. When you're around 40-50% troops (depending on adt) the enemy team will get overwhelming atks from around 85% so you probably want to dive troops. I like to extend to around 75% for overwhelming atks(ps1, regens, and oppo tanks/hyb that are very low) and I'll only skim from 90+%. Depending on the war, I'll dive spies to zs on a ps1/ps or skim assn from full on opposing hybids/low sdt tanks. You have a decent change of winning assn on tanks with 5 or fewer SDT, and hyb with 4 or fewer sdt. If you get targeted and end up having to dive troops, then you can consider early xtalling if you are confident they don't have the spies or the troops to kill you within the next 20 minutes but this is pretty risky.

    Hyb with 4 SOS: Unless they have a hyb/tank with 3 or fewer SDT, dive spies to zs on one of their ps/ps1. Then on your spy regen use sct sct assn on that same target. If you want to know why going zs and doing this is efficient go to the spy loss section. Then your job is to optimize for overwhelming atks. Hit regens, repins, and eat low enemies hard, and don't extend past 70% or you are going to be an easy skim target.

    Tank: Try to hit a ps1 at start if they are unbanked, and then drop a full bar of spies on the enemy ps and ps1 using assn. You will most likely go 0/18 on assn but thats OK. You will take just under 40% (WOW 40% is actually a LOT) of the opposing spy bar. On your spy regens, sct sct assn the enemy ps1 and stay zs. Try to hit regens repins and overwhelming atks until 65% and skim from 90%

    ps: Assn the highest priority troop target or sb the highest priority spy target. Usually up to wc to decide which is more important. Steal only if very confident that you won't leak. I still wouldn't advise this. You might end up leaking a full bar and cost your team the war. In my opinion, ps1 is just better than ps so switch to that please.

    ps1: Coordinate with the other ps1 to troop dump on the same target. Each ps1 failed atk kills 1.5% of the enemy troop bar and a ps1 that leaks 0 atks get 9 atks off in a full bar. This is great because that means each ps1 dumping on a target kills an expected 10% of the enemy troop bar since not all ps1 will no leak. The 10% number is assuming 4 leaks as a ps1. Then you have free reign to do whatever you like. Usually, I'm greedy and I go for steals right off the bat unless theres a SUPER high priority target that needs to get assned down or sb'ed down. I'll skim steals from 85% if they let me, only if I get min loss on my steals, and I'll try to sit ps1/ps repins with steals to potentially get a steal ko. If you want to maintain more control you can sit repins with assn but I'm greedy. On your xtal you should steal down or if you have a LOT of high priority repins to sit you can sit them with assn. 99% of the time I steal down. Usually I'll do this when i see an opponent ps1 go low like under 20% and ill xtal up and around 40% of the way down my spy bar ill get the steal ko. then I either assn down hyb/tanks or steal down low targets. One thing to watch out for is to make sure you don't get too low. Opposing ps1 can steal ko you if you're under 30% spies and that pays a LOT

    HYB with under 3 SOS: You probably aren't a hyb. if you have 3 SOS you can have 9 COE MAX and thats not a lot.
  2. so because theyre the most common you shouldnt cast if you dont have them? :lol: TPS FTW
  3. But how to know how to war in lowlands I'm curious , it's pointless having a build if you don't know what to do ?
  4. Yeah no ps is great and ll if you know what you are doing and can bank fast.
  5. My recommendation for tank is 16-1-1-6, hyb has also been good at 14-1-5-4. You can assume that oppo will have minimal ps1/ps and go more aggressive with less sdt for like 18-1-1-4.
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  6. Please do touch upon war reporting. Most people don't report or report useless data.. For instance I see so many reporting oppo tank zs.. And people don't know if the tank is 100/0 or 15/0...

    And thanks much for the guide.
  7. This build is useful in previous "clan ll wars". Notice that its " individual low land wars". Meaning its indi war that uses only 25 lowland build instead of normal all land build.
  8. Overall a very good analysis of Lowland Wars!
  9. Updated with what to do and I’ll follow up with troop loss
  10. This is pretty good, thanks for sharing Hippy. Hopefully Mike reads so he can finally learn how to wc
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  11. This and the troop loss post really should be stickied. I recently started participating in lowland wars and this guide has been invaluable.