Highest EB plunder EVER?!

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  1. most ive ever seen was 504B by one player with a 1000% bonus spell and apart from that 512B by a single player during the HTE promo
  2. Spanky dog in silver 23 hours ago 697 bil in a single hte
  3. 2396% if you have the reset bonus items
  4. In theory it's possible, so this would be the Max.
  5. I made 1.3b first hit earlier 
  6. Bump.
    Has anyone found over 1 tril yet?
  7. I made 1t from 6 xtals on hte with 1000%
  8. Evidence? Lol
  9. Cella just made 800b in a EB. If you looked she's prob broke 1t or red has
  10. MY____lXllXlOlMlGlXllXl____TH made 925b in 1eb with 1000% spell
  11. Well. The statless alt in our clan made almost 600b in one hte. So I hope that somebody else has made that much 
  12. wizard did make 1t i checked his clan eb history, impressive
  13. 1.084T someone in my clan got without using any items just max xtraled. 4 eBs before our new growth BR.
  14. Eb before the forfeited war beasts about 16 hrs ago
  15. That's 700b, not 1t
  16. Check the one after the forfeited warbeast
  17. I checked, me means the one after the forfeited war beast, it's above the rotwb that was forfeited, he was backwards
  18. Highest I've made was 1.4 bil per hit. Made like 400 bil from that eb. That's without the first item phase, and it wasn't my seal.
  19. Someone in my clan made 800B just a few hours ago. 
  20. Ah I see now ️