higher up than hoarfrost! Or Lower than lowlands?

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  1. Ok people this is for everyone! more importantly to the people who have explored all hoarfrosts and dont want to reset. . .ok there should be a higher or even lower (below first lands) lands that have new, stronger, and better buildings! Because when i get to hoarfrosts and am done exploring i dont want to reset. . .thx for reading and happy kawing to all!
  2. Second low effort thread and you don't understand maxing all your buildings and lands takes a long time not including allies, potions, etc. If I personally were completly maxed I would invest in potions and sell upon new lands being released.
  3. Only 88 days into the game and you're already thinking about exploring all the Hoarfrost lands? Good luck my friend.
  4. The next lands should have cheaper buildings and cheaper prices so new players can get them easier
  5. Not much effort in OP, but I thought of maybe a set of lands between LL and HL, like half the price of HL and current T5 (so 25% of of old T5), which may get smalls a little more in the game
  6. Get the hell off forums .... My god.. The drivel
  7. Why would u reset?
  8. This is terrible. Why does everything have to lead to reset? It could take years to finish building, you won't run out of space any time soon. Get off forums
  9. We could just farm him so he can have something to do
  10. I didnt know people were resetting after hoarfrost build complete.