Higher Rewards / More Tiers

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  1. So first of all, this come back of ZTA for the weekend into the beginning of next week has been very successful for most. Others too easy. Like myself, I haven't spent more then 20$ for this event and already at the highest tier, other then top 100/10. Seeing as how you increased rewards for the top couple tiers last event, I would see it being another reasonable option for this event. Either add a few more tiers, maybe 7,500, 10,000, and/or 15,000. Give us a reason to play more, 5k was way too easy
    Post your thoughts / support / no support for increased tier/ increased payouts for each tier. If you're going to give support/no support - please give a reason why you chose one or the other.
  2. No point in giving higher rewards. When new lands are already coming out in January. All the motivation you need to farm more gold. :)
  3. No support, this event is only 4 days long so it wouldn't make sense for higher rewards/tiers.
  4. Support, increase the tiers I reached 5k in under 20 hours it was too easy
  5. The devs changed how they give awards so they could make more money. It used to be that if you finished top 500 or top 200 you would get the same equip reward as the top 100 just not upgraded. However the money grubbing devs wanted to feed the addiction of its addicts by making the top 100 rewards more exclusive. This caused the top 100 required levels to spiral out of control as some threw thousands and thousands at promos to get the overly strong top100/10 equip.
  6. I understand that, but last event ( a few days ago ) they increased rewards for the top few tiers.
  7. But you're talking about adding tiers, not increasing rewards.
  8. As a rough guess, about 1500 accounts will make it to tier 7. They probably spent 20-30 usd to get there . I've finished top 500 and top 200 occasionally, but I would have to still spend hundreds of dollars to reach top 100.
  9. I've spent around 20 Usd to get to 5k even though I wouldn't have needed to spend that much, I jumped on cruxes for a little bit for gold, the items just came easy
  10. Support I reached 5k in first 9 hrs of event
  11. Support. Increase it to 7.5k maybe and please increase the rewards.
  12. It's a 4 day event, the tiers are sufficient. If you reached the top too quickly then I'd suggest not hitting B2B ZTA/HTE. If you reached 5k in less than a day then it's because you smashed out on HTE/ZTA and xtals. Your decision. Aim for the top 100/500 then. It's the same reward tiers as other promos but it's only 4 days...
  13. If there was a top 500 I would be striving for it and so would many others.
  14. Sorry, I thought there was. Then strive for top 10 or 100. Why should there be more tiers when the event is a fraction of the time it usually is? Like I said, if you're at 5k in less than a day it's because you chose to smash out HTE/ZTA. If you weren't interested in top 10/100 then slow it down a bit. If anything, there should be less tiers because it's a shorter event - not more.
  15. 5k is too hard for me.

    if u reack 5k in 1st half day, you shall get enough rewards (golds) ftom hte/zta.
  16. I would like a banner for this event too. In a dedicated kawster, gimme something at this time of year to show it. Support for top 500 tier.
  17. Now, the easy solution would be to get a game economist who actually knows what they are doing, and have them set reasonable goals. I just hope the guy who decided to shrink non static reward tiers from top 5k to top 100 well... That is one of the worst decisions in RECENT kaw history. In all reality a high school student *cough* me *cough* :lol: could look and tell you how to do it better. Have fewer pieces of equip, and offer partially enchanted versions. For top _5__ have special limited equip A, and enchant it ___ amount for each tier in the top. For top _1__ (fewer than top _5__) have better equip, such that top ___ receive fully enchanted +_ equip that only they can earn.

    Now who knows, I could be wrong, and the people footing this game may like having to scramble for the top 100, to me, with a game that has had over 875,000 registered users that seems a tad exclusive. What is that the top 0.01142857142% aka the top 1.15% of the 1%
  18. I'm not sure on more reward tiers what I would like to see is maybe some ash awarded per tier
  19. Why? This isn't supposed to be a ZTA exclusive event... :twisted:
    Then again, they may require it to upgrade the sword.