Hidden Rewards

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  1. Can someone do what the devs cannot and tell me when the bug with the hidden rewards will be fixed?
  2. Never. It’s there to further disappoint us.
  3. What is a hidden reward??
  4. I dont see any hidden rewards
  5. Because... Get this... they're hidden
  6. Would appear Devs really don’t care! Been no proactive attempts by them at all to address this in any forums.
  7. All of the items do exist on each account and are contributing to stats. There is a bug report for it and it will get looked into!
  8. Thank you mister Winston:)
  9. Winston Reporting for Damage Control Duty!
  10. I need my hidden charms back :(
  11. Devs still can’t give a realistic time frame to resolve this
  12. Because the KaW ATA team is 2 members strong.
    Winston handles the community and design part.

    The rest work on Heckfire and other projects.
    ATA doesn't have a full time dev assigned to kaw to bug fix.
    If they did, we'd see bugs from years ago get resolved in a week.
    I've see double items in the market place for years lol.

    The fact that they can't rediesgn the purchase popup UI for the war commander pop up to properly display the items on sale, shows you that there's barely anyone working on the game other than Winston.
    It's sad, but it is what it is.
  13. If you look at their website, one of their job description stats that there is a team which works on PIMD AND KAW. KaW doesn't have it's own team like they'd want you to believe, they also go on to mention PIMDS recent growth.
  14. I remember when someone from ATA admitted a few months on these forums that the ATA team for KaW was 2 members strong lol.

    Now? Idk. We got Winston handling community management and game/event design.
    Doesn't seem there's an actual dev team to work on bugs, like I said, if there were, you'd see bugs that have been around for years get fixed ASAP.
    Heck, some of these UI bugs I've been seeing them since 2015 ish.

    They're busy with Heckfire and doing a good job there. Bugs get fixed super fast there, community requested features get implemented, there's a road map that sees regular new features and updates.
    You wanna see ATA care about a game? Head to Heckfire, look at their official discord server for Heckfire.
  15. Yet another update by you’s and and again no sign you have done anything to resolve the hidden reward issue! We are expected to believe you have been working on this for the past 4 months with no success!! When will you just come clean and admit the issue cannot be fixed? This was latest post to devs
  16. Relax. What’s a tiny charm in comparison to the actual problem which is needing to nerf charms entirely, you will be ok relic.
  17. Are hidden rewards no longer tradable??
  18. Yeah this bug was mentioned to devs months ago and yet to be fixed.... I’m sure they are coming up with a “ well throughout” fix to it though 
  19. Not that it actually matters since charms are basically useless for 98-99% of KaW