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  1. Alright so I came up with a game where you have a set of emojis and have to find the hidden one. For example:


    there is one different one there that is really hard to find! Once u have found the person before you"s hidden emoji post your own! HAVE FUN. ️
  2. The second one is different...
  3. Noticed it in 2 seconds....
  4. I like the part where you said you came up with tbjs
  5. 

    Can't see the emojis on mobile.
  6. Didn't op retire twice already? o_O
  7. Even if that is true, I don't see how how it has anything to do with this thread
  8. Arent games meant to be fun? This is not fun.
  9. Lmfao this was bumped u should be banned
  10. Cobra why u asking for a lock? Is this yor thread! Cobra is mynameisyoursecondname
  11. 
  12. are they different? i see blocks only :|
  13. ⌛️⌛️⌛️⌛️⌛️⏳⌛️⌛️⌛️⌛️⌛️⌛️⌛️
  14. Someone - 

    FedEx - ⏳
  15. 
  16. Totally, you cracked the code. You figure me out and blew my secret