Hidden Allies Let's get the owners out get a vollie

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  1. If your owner hides 24/7 Let's get them out of the Closet! Summer is close to over and the need some sun. Post your owners name if hidden You'll be doing them a favor they will be shy at first n might need sun tan lotion for the burn they might get. Let's get those Names out
  2. support rzt allies seen some sun for sure
  3. hopefully we can get more of them some sunshine soon
  4. Winter has come.
  5. My names ewok king of the north I 100% agree winter is coming
  6. [title=black+white]Support[/title]
  7. Allies shouldn't be able to be hidden. Would make all wars more interesting.
  8. Are saying you're coming out of the closet?
  9. Funny u see my allies hidden? There's lots been hidden love u long time,those allies need a vollie post u owner n get that vollie. Others will give your old owner gasoline or burn cream for there butt burn they might get. Hidden allies stand up n post your owner get your vollie
  10. OB I was never in the closet I been bouncing around straight on my pogo stick all my life maby u thinking of backing out a the closet don't get me twisted with your stuff I fly straight on my pogo stick. Just cause your confused on what bathroom to use don't mean rest of the world is fly your rainbow flag . I hv my own thank u
  11. Support 
  12. You do realize if you can't see my owner, I could just tell you it's literally anyone.
  13. There's ways to prove owner
  14. So what ur saying is ur wanting others to do ur job for u? Acts of a desperate man js.