Hi my name is Wattzy

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  1. Hey all. Most of you don't know me well. I used to talk trash on KaW. Caused alot of drama.

    I was quite sketchy. Quite the bully. Did a thing to a writer once. Wrote a note about death and got banned for cheating once.

    I used to freestyle on forums and I still do poetry. So you guys can have some.

    There lies terror everywhere
    Within a broken dreamers glare
    They lie awake through the night
    With their demons within sight
    All the times that they did fail
    Mistakes once made upon their tale
    Endless streams of salted tears
    Thoughts of every single fear
    Endless feeling of a fall
    Constant prayers to end it all

    I'll post more in comments if people care
  2. I hate the new forum style its put me off for good
  3. wow that was going to be closer myself and that touches me