1. I wish to see how long it takes to become hfbc in today's kaw I started yesterday who can estimate completion of my goal
  2. Next decade
  3. A month, maybe two, depending on if you're also upgrading on abyss and Osmon and on how active/spending you are of course
  4. My friend was Abyss BC in less than 90 days with no premium epics. That account is less than 6months old and it's already over 400mcs. Sooooo if your actually active less than 2 months.
  5. My first alt took 6 months barely trying so..
  6. 21.4 from lst done and I have all but a couple map 2 open and map 3 I have 18

  7. You cant touch abyss until you unlock 15 hf lands

  8. Which friend , considering ive spent over a thousand dollars on kaw and played for almost 7 years and i abyss bced 2 months ago ...
  9. I been playing 5 years and spent maybe $300

    Abyss was complete long time ago, how you so small?
  10. This guy already quit 
  11. Hl 23 open all lv2 one lv4 hf several lv3 trees rai 2 attack heavy lv5
  12. Well hl now has all lv3 1lv4 and hf has glitch and 18 building lv2&3
  13. Get strong enough to hit SS and TS until you are strong enough to hit lotl and goth. Big difference in pay.